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It's almost November

I'm so excited about doing November in B&W again this year! I was looking through last year's posts just now and I can't wait to see my b&w photos this year - my emotions last year were very, very different from how I'm feeling now and I'm interested to see the effect that has on my photography. I'm planning to keep my camera in b&w mode for the whole month (except for when I have to take pictures of yarn, of course) and just see what happens.

Then, every Friday in November, I'll post a Mr. Linky where you can add a link to wherever your favorite b&w photos are posted (flickr/on your blog/wherever). I chose Friday because the last Friday in November is my birthday and because I like to have pretty pictures to look at over the weekend. Since I'm not much for following silly rules, I don't care if you took the pictures in color and converted them - heck, I don't even care when you took the photos (February, October, or 1974!). My rules are for me and you can do what you like, but I would love it if you would come over and play with me in November. As I did last year, I will link to participants' blogs in my sidebar.

Here's a button for you, or you can grab the one in my right sidebar if you'd like to post it on your blog. Just make sure it links to the November in B&W category, please.

November in B&W 02

Also, don't forget to add your photos to the Springtree Road in B&W flickr group throughout November or any time of the year.

Thanks and see you November!


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Oh how fun! I am going to try to participate in this for sure!

P.S. Love your yarn :)


exciting! i am a big b&w enthusiast who is happy to play along! ooh- and it seems we almost have matching birthdays!

Kim Klassen

what a most inspired idea! love it!! i'm hoping to buy that lens you recommended this weekend. i can't wait!! :)



Oh my this sounds fun!! I would LOVE to participate in this wonderful inspiring idea {eventho i just started picking up photography}! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


November in B&W was so much fun last year. I'll have to convert to B&W - Lightroom converts everything back to color, so no point in switching (RAW files). Can't wait!


How fun! November in Black & White last year is when I met you! I'm looking forward to this year.


I just found your yarn through Soulemama. The colors and texture are divine! I love your idea of a b&w photofest. I am going to upload some photos to the flikr group now.

Porch Days

Am I insane or have you changed your header and side color? Cute Kudzu header!


ooo that sounds fun!!

Jamie :)


I haven't done black & white is a long time. I took photography in collage and spent many hours in a dark room. Maybe I'll do a few black & white too.


The 29th (I hope) I have a test (Nuclear Physics). If everything goes fine I'll try to take some pictures since that day... hope to be able to show you them!
This year I really want to join your November in b&w plan :)

Lisa Renata

So excited to actually participate this time around.

btw- I don't know why I am having trouble attaching your button to my blog.


yes! I will be participating! Can't wait to see all the great pictures


Yea! I am totally excited.

V, did you have a good birthday?


I loved b&w last was so much fun!

Monkey's Momma

Can't wait to do it again!

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