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Save the ta-tas!

The first person I knew who passed away from cancer was my mom's best friend, Christie. It was my senior year of high school; I'd known Christie almost my entire life. In some box I haven't unpacked from moving yet, I have a great picture of the two of us together and a short letter she wrote to me when I was a kid.

I remember my last conversation with her, the one where I told myself not to ask her how she was - and then that was the first thing out of my mouth. She was gracious; she was strong. Everyone I know who knew her misses her. Unfortunately, each of us are affected by cancer in some way or other at some point in our lives.

So, in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this yarn to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Save the Tatas 001

Even if this yarn isn't your style or if you don't knit or crochet, I hope you will pass the link to this post on to someone you think might be interested. Thank you!

Long live the ta-tas!


Please join me over at Alpaca Farmgirl's blog for Fiber Arts Friday!


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It's gorgeous! I'm definitely going to pass this along. One of my aunts is a breast cancer survivor, the other is currently undergoing treatment and raising money for the walk she is doing this month.


Okay, you inspired me to get those Spider Web shots up on the blog...


And what a great thing you are doing to help cancer research, you go girl! Another girlfriend of mine donated $1 for every comment she got over the weekend to the Lance Armstrong foundation...I think I'll need to do something like this too ;-)

Jamie :)


What a beautiful yarn for a purposeful cause. I will spread the word along.


love the yarn and save the ta-tas!

Mousy Brown

I'll be linking to you this week - what a lovely idea and what gorgeous yarn - will pass the post on to everyone I know!


Oh how I wish I had need of your gorgeous yarn in my favorite color! I will definitely pass it a long though.

Jude Cowell

Maya, thank you for writing about Christie! One thing you may not remember about her: she underwent very painful bone marrow transplants when it were a new technique in order to help others in the future - knowing that her own chances of success were minimal.

So I've posted this yarn and your donation offer on one of my blogs, too. Good job.

Your photgrpahic talent is so like Christie's - you Sagittarians who see the Big Picture so easily...luv, Mom

Jude Cowell

...sometines i can spell photographic, sometimes not. Sorry, but thinking of Christie always makes me cry. ;p

Sandra Olensky

Maya, all your yarn is absolutely gorgeous; this color as you know holds very special meaning to me. Tomorrow I undergo my 2nd reconstructive surgery from Breast Cancer. Thanks for your donation to the cause; it helps all women, even those yet to be diagnosed. Love and hugs to V and R :)


Oh Maya, that is such a kind thing to do.
Beautiful yarn. :)

spread your wings

this is such a beautiful pink and a wonderful thing you are doing. if i knitted i would definitely be buying some. i've GOT to get my loom out.
i thought about you over this past week at the John Campbell Folk school. i went to a wonderful yarn shop there and wanted to get you something but couldn't decide what so I came back with nothing. the week really inspired me to start back with weaving.
oh there is one thing. i saw several notices for looms for sale. did you get a loom yet? do you plan on it?


Gorgeous yarn! I will post and tweet about it. My mom is in her sixth year of remission from Ovarian Cancer, so anti-Cancer funding is very important to me.


That is a gorgeous yarn and a great cause too!


What a great idea, and a lovely yarn! I LUV pink.


maya, what a wonderful thing you are doing.

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