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If you could go anywhere and do anything right now, where would you go? What would you do?

v the animals 090

Right now - at this moment - I would go to NYC and take lots of pictures in b&w.

v the animals 081

Street scenes, buildings, bridges, shops, food, potholes.

v the animals 086

I'd summon the courage to ask people if I could take their photographs. I'd pay them if I had to.

v the animals 071

I'd look for light and shadows, for joy and sorrow, for good and evil. And I would photograph it.

v the animals 060

But ask me tomorrow and you'll likely hear a completely different answer.


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Hey, a girls entitled to change her mind on a whim ;-) Hmmm, for me...right now, I'd be on a beach somewhere where their was a warm breeze and crystal blue waters...maybe with a Pina Colada in hand ;-) Wanna join me, tee hee?

Jamie :)


Brilliant idea! Come to NYC!
(in the meantime- I love your animals!)


For me? Honestly--I think I want to be right where I am, enjoying the breathtaking scenery that Autumn has brought with her to my own backyard!


Right now I would load up the car and start my vacation two days early by heading out to Big Sur. We leave on Saturday to a cabin in the woods for 6 days. I am longing to be surrounded by incredible natural beauty and simple pleasures like long walks, good books, knitting, games, cooking and quiet time with the hubby. I am giddy with anticipation.

These shots are beautiful. No really, I mean it. Beautiful. Do I maybe see a zoo card set selling in your store soon? My favorite is the polar bear...something about his face emerging from the slanting light. Closely followed by the leopard with its ominous and looming shadow. Grrrrrr.


Ditto on Natalie's comment about a zoo card set!

I'd want to go to a tropical beach. I say that I'd like to leave the kids, but in reality? I'd miss the crap out of them. SO they'd come too... but I'd have my hours in a hammock, ALONE. ANd I'd pee by myself, darn it.

Either there, or to a lovely restaurant that doesn't serve chicken fingers or hamburgers... just lovely food.


Maya, those photos are stunning. I find them incredibly poignant.

Right now, I would go to my grandparents house in Germany and sleep in a big feather bed. Then I'd wake up and take pictures around the farm and the town.
Sadly, I can't really do that, because I think I'd alarm the people who live there now!

spread your wings

i'd like to drive up the coast to Maine and take photos of autumn color all along the way.


These are absolutely gorgeous. The lighting and processing really make these artistic. Great job!


I love these photos!

And, if you do head to NYC, let me know!

lisa mertins

wonderful photos!!!


This is what I'm talking about. A completely enchanting post about something, nothing and everything all at once. With ten comments! Love it. Great photos. Perfect eye candy. If I was going to start reading blogs again regularly. I would start here.

And if I was going to go somewhere today, it would probably be to my parents cabin on Keats Island, (if someone bought some new furniture so I could sit comfortably in the window).

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