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rachel whetzel

ooooh!!that last one!! I don't know why for sure... but I LOVE it!!


I really like the light in these pics! I have so much to learn about b&w. Seriously, it's harder than color, I think. At least to get right. (and I haven't yet! lol.)

I used to live in Smyrna. Just for a year. But omg, the traffic...I lived 3.5 miles from work, and sometimes it would take me 45 minutes. Don't miss that, for sure! But there were some good parts to it - as you said, you have to know where to look. (Not that I ever figured much of it out, after just a year!)


It's true...everywhere you go. Lovely photos!

Jamie :)

laura @ the shorehouse

I am in love with November in black and white! I took some decent (for me!) black and white shots a couple of weeks ago in the key will be to get them off of the camera, lol!

I really love these shots...especially "missing brick" and "water works" -- the color and composition is really incredible.


WOW! You did a really great work here. Love the 2nd and the 3rd in particular but these are really great shots! Wow!

P.S. Where I live, I mean my house... except for night time and for the closest hours to lunch time there is A LOT of noise :)


I do love searching out quiet, beautiful city places. For two years I worked in the city and discovered some wonderful spots- I do like working out here is quiet land right now though!


These images are great! Perfect in black and white.


Adequate words fail me, so I'll just say "Beautiful!"

Porch Days

I don't like cities much either. When I travel I want to see the countryside and the small towns.

I managed to change my header! You are really proficient to change yours so often.


I live in a big city.
It's true.
Sometimes you have to look.

Yesterday I was driving in Laurel Cyn and a red tail hawk rose up into the sky almost parallel to my car. It was a magnificent sight that lasted only a few seconds before I lost sight of him. Glorious.

joy romualdez-kawpeng

hi. i'm joy and am one of your fellow fishies from the course. wanted to say that your comments about how to take pretty pictures really helped..... looking for the lens, f1.8, but kind of expensive at the moment. well, trying to get it locally here in Manila or hongkong. So, i have a zoom at moment but not sure i'm working it the way it should. will keep practising.

Your photos are beautiful.


I love this set! The lighting is great. Sorry I've been so quiet---I took a bit of a break.

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