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Black Friday

This morning I was facing the window as I slept and I dreamed that that wall had been removed cleanly and that I was lying in bed, watching the sun rise through the trees. It was shivering cold out, but I was warm. The air was crisp as can be and the light looked like it should look on such a morning.

Then I woke up and it was my birthday and I had coffee with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice in bed and opened presents. So far, so good.

We're having a few overnight guests from out of town so that means that after the pancake breakfast I'm about to eat, we'll be cleaning house like mad. Then later we womenfolk will do some grocery shopping, make a lovely dinner, and then sit around and talk and laugh and generally make merry.

While I love a good deal, I don't love crowds of people all trying to get them at the same time so I stick close to home. I hope your Black Friday is equally as wonderful as I'm anticipating mine will be, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

I planned to take all sorts of photos yesterday, but didn't. I really just took a few while we were driving home because I love playing with the shutter speed at night.

driving at night 007

Seems appropriate to me on my birthday. I could explain, but I don't think I will. And now, it's time for those pancakes!

If you have a black & white photo to share, please leave your link below. Thanks!


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Happy Birthday Maya! I have just recently been experimenting with long shutter speeds for the first time ever as part of a photography class assignment. I love your black & white version.


Happy Birthday, Maya! I just recently had a birthday as well, but I'm a few years older than you. =) Last week I was playing with shutter speed, too, as I left work for the evening. I set up my tripod in the parking lot and played for about 30 minutes before going home. Which is exactly where I'm staying today - no Black Friday shopping for me. I'll probably do my Christmas shopping online - I hate crowds, too. Have a great day!!


happy birthday maya!!
hope you have a wonderful day!


Oh Maya, happy happy birthday!


Have a great birthday!!! It sounds like you've got a great day ahead of you!

I linked to a post I did with B & W's. I hope I didn't already link to it on another of your linkies. If I did, you can just delete it.

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Happy birthday, Maya!


Happy Birthday!Hope you have a wonderful day! Maybe I'll get a few B&W's in this weekend and play along!


Hi Maya! How funny, I just finished a November month of B&W too. (with a special color one here or there) I prefer B&W and think our eye processes them differently , more moody or real. You have many great images on here and I really like the one of your daughter? on the swing with the sun bursting above her head. Thanks for letting me visit your World.

laura @ the shorehouse

HAPPY (belated) Birthday! Sounds like there was a lovely start to your day. And Black and White Friday beats Black Friday any day of the week...I stayed far, far away from the stores and focused my attention instead on pancakes. :-)

Lisa Renata

No way! My Birthday was on Wed. (Thanksgiving Day)!
No wonder I like you so much. lol

Happy Belated B-day!

(and no...I also don't like the big crowds, I try to avoid them as much as possible. I do most of my shopping before hand and many gifts I make myself.)


Very pretty pic :) Love this!

Hugs to you for your birthday, (albeit belated here)

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