Garden hose
Black Friday

Door's unlocked

Another with the Diana.

Door's unlocked

I hope you & yours have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. If you've taken any black and whites lately and catch a minute on Friday, come by and leave me a link. Friday's my birthday and I'd love lots of lovely b&w's to peruse.

(And just ignore this, please.)--> A3552MW7H5ER


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Gorgeous image! Happy Thanksgiving - have a great weekend xx

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Birthday, too! Hope you have a great week.

P.S. Can you believe I'm finally getting a blog design?! It only took me 2 years. Ha.

laura @ the shorehouse

Oooo...a Diana! I'm tempted...maybe Santa will hook me up. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And thank YOU for saying nice things about my photos...I'm trying!


love this shot.

happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday! Here's a b/w you might like!


Happy Thanksgiving!

It's your birthday tomorrow?

Well then Happy Birthday & many more!


here's some beautiful b/w work, not mine, just stumbled onto it!

Fighting Windmills

Happy Birthday, Maya! I didn't take them in black and white, but there are new photos on my blog. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


Another great photo!

Happy Birthday, maya!!! I hope you have a great, fun, love-filled day!

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