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I had a great birthday! Thanks so much for all your well wishes. It was lovely.

Some nice people even gave me birthday presents - blog readers, I mean. My friend Sarah, who I met through Etsy/Twitter and lives about five minutes away, gave me some roving that I'd admired at her house a couple of weeks ago. As I was spinning it, V saw it and asked me not to sell it, but to make her a hat out of it. I couldn't say no to that.

So I made a hat from it, which I'll show you later - it's so pretty! Lots of colors. It'd be a shame to show it off in black & white.

I spun the yarn really thick and thin because I love that look and I'm going to start offering more of it in my shop. Makes great baby hats and I know a lot of photographers use that kind of handspun yarn for photography props. But I've also made a cowl for V out of it that is really pretty too and I'd like to make my own hat out of it sometime soon.

Anyway...last week I got a lovely little package in the mail for my birthday - a really cool set of double pointed needles that I'd admired for a while. Nikki is one of my Twitter contacts and she, her husband, and a few of her kids have their own Etsy shops.

Nikki's son Artemas has an Etsy shop called Got Wood 4 You - he made these DPNs out of the branches of a pear tree that fell in their yard. This is an awesome repurpose if I ever saw one.

The coolest DPNs I've ever seen

They are wonderfully crooked. I didn't have any trouble knitting with them at all - but then I love working with DPNs. They make me feel like a real knitter. And these needles made me feel like a super knitting pioneer woman.

These wonderfully rustic double pointed needles would make a truly unique Christmas present for your favorite knitter. Artemas also has lots of other really cool one of a kind things in his shop, including wooden buttons and handmade spindles.


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So jealous of your birthday knitting needles! I celebrated my birthday on Friday and I got some cute gifties, but not those needles! Very cool and Happy Birthday :)


Thank you for featuring Artemas' needles. Don't they feel great in the hands? I love mine and then we're always turning around and selling the set I'm using, in a pinch, so he has to make me more. LOL

They don't aggravate arthritic hands either, a bonus (not for me but for somebody)



Aww, so glad you like your needles! Thanks for featuring my family. You're right about thick and thin, it's SO much fun to spin (and now you have fluffy needles to knit it on LOL!!)


Kristi aka FIber Fool

Those do look like wonderful tools to work with. I'm intrigued!


Those dpn's are great!

I can't wait to see the hat you made for V!

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