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Haunted house

We were warned right after we moved in here that the house next door is haunted.

v 077

Every year the owners go all out decorating for Halloween and let the trick or treaters walk through at their own risk.

v 074

For the past month or so, they've had people over a few times a week and worked late into the night to hang ghosts from the trees, set up a guillotine and hangman's noose, and create a pet sematary in the back yard.

v 073

V's too young for all that scariness, but we watched some of the festivities from our back deck. Chainsaws, hockey masks, and strobe lights are scary, y'all! There was a lot of screaming.

v 070

Silly me only got one giant bag of candy for the trick or treaters, and we eventually had to turn off the lights so they wouldn't be disappointed.

v 078

By 8pm, there was a huge crowd in the street waiting to get in and it sounded like a horror movie right outside my window.

v 081

We're planning to get 3 big bags of candy for next year.


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That is so cool! I'm jealous of both your haunted neighbors and the trick-or-treaters! I have never, ever lived in a place with lots of candy-beggars, alas! Maybe someday...


The pictures are awesome! The haunted house you neighbours do sounds really cool


That sounds like fun! We had no trick-or-treaters this year. :(


That would be scary-fun to live next to a haunted house...

Kristi aka FIber Fool

Drew was looking so hard for someone doing such a thing here. We did hear late on Halloween night that there was a haunted garage in town, but it was too late to go through it. He wants to haunt our garage next year. I'm not quite certain how I feel about that :-) But I would love to go through one!

Jude Cowell

Wooo i wondered how that turned out!


black + white is so perfect for haunted house pictures. I'm loving B&W November.


That is so awesomely wicked!!! Pet semetary, oh my...we ALMOST ran out! At the end, we had to start giving only 1 or 2 pieces to be safe & then it started to rain and it was bed time for baby and the door stopped knocking, so it all worked out! We have a pretty popular street for the trick-or-treaters so we always have to be prepared, tee hee.

Jamie :)
p.s. did you at least get to get to socks scared off you??

spread your wings

ohh so spooky. love these shots in B&W.


My favorite part was watching "Leatherface" do some texting in between trick-or-treaters. Psycho killers have peeps too, apparently :-)


Spooky neighbors and great pics.

We had no trick or treaters. We hardly ever do. No sidewalk or kids in the neighborhood. All the candy is mine all mine and I didn't have to knock on doors to get it. hehe

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Wow, they really went all out for Halloween, didn't they? I cracked up at R's comment above about Leatherface texting between trick-or-treaters. Love that image.

I've been catching up on your blog this morning. The black and white looks very cool!


I love all your b&ws! Isn't it odd how you always do November when it is so full of color you would think December. But it works all the cool halloween stuff and just dried dead things really comes through.

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