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Lofts from the high $100's

This guy was on the corner spinning this sign around.


Notice the shorts? Yeah, that's November in Georgia for you. Though today it's cold enough for a nice sweater and squishy socks.


He seemed to be having fun spinning the sign around.


At least as much fun as a person can have standing around with a sign advertising real estate that's obviously not selling.


I have to wonder how much money he made doing that. And if people walking by talk to him or not.


Or if anyone who saw him there with his sign thought, oh wow! A loft in the high $100's! Exactly what I need to buy today!

If you've taken your own b&w photos this week, please link to them below. I'd love to come by and see them!


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Lisa Renata

Yey, I finally started posting my black and white photos. So happy!


My Mr. Linky link was for my first b&w, but I just posted another b&w last night.

I can't imagine juggling something so big around like that guy. Great shots, Maya.

laura @ the shorehouse

This is so hysterical because today I was driving on one of the main roads and Verizon had hired a swat team of "sign dancers" -- one at every traffic light for about a mile. I thought about pulling over to take a video with my I wish I had!


i love when you catch some fun oddity in the act- these pictures are so fun! as is the november in b&w project!


I love taking pictures of the 'everyday' like that--shorts in November make my heart warm!


I've never seen any flipping a sign around like that. Usually they're just standing there holding the sign, looking bored! I'll be back to add something to the linky!

Sue from Atlanta

Hi Maya....sent over from laura's blog and what a nice surprise to see you live somewhere near Atlanta..I'm from Marietta and love black and white photography...have been taking pictures since I was 17....the Atlanta bloggers...yes, there are many of us...are having a Christmas get together on December 11th. over in West Cobb if you would like to join us....we love to meet new bloggers....please e-mail me if your interested in meeting a bunch of crazy [email protected]
Sue @ Rue Mouffetard

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