Whew - what a day!
At peace


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Sarah Chambless

I can't believe I posted some of my amateur photography anywhere near yours...talk about daunting! My pic is from Jekyll Island's driftwood beach, about 5 years ago. Taken with a point and shoot Canon that has since died.


I am loving your black and whites! I posted two so far, but I didn't want to hog the linky and link to both of them, so I only linked to one!


I have been inspired to post something every day this month in B&W. I'm so glad you're celebrating B&W November, Maya.


I tried to list my last post but it was too long? So...my last post was black & white and I gave a link to you, yay!

Jamie :)


Love the 2nd and the 5th :)

And:Wow! You post roots and I decide to post wood the same day (before looking at your post) I'm not kidding. I think it's a funny coincidence :D

Kim Klassen

hi maya... great photos again today. you are awesome. thanks for this!! i did a little post on my blog about this and your lovely site....



I just love exposed tree roots. And on my blog, I've paid homage to November in Black and White by posting a favorite family photo.

Betsy @JavaCupcake

Beautiful photos! :)


What beautiful photos, I love the textures that B&W gives.


I'm so glad you're doing this and that I found out about it! I rarely do b&w pics, but I'm enjoying learning more about the b&w processing in photoshop, and of course learning what kinds of things do well in b&w, etc. Always good to stretch the wings a bit.

I don't post nearly as often as you do, but I'm doing b&w for everything I *do* post this month! I also have been using momentile again, and I keep meaning to start adding things to your flickr group.

Do you ever feel like pieces of yourself are scattered all over the webosphere? Maybe that's just me! lol.

Love your pics! :)


I completely forgot about November in b&w until this morning. I did get some shots that I'll post this week. I've been so busy getting shots for work that I haven't taken any shots for me until today. Love the shots of your roots.


Umm...I do have a bigger vocabulary than just "shots", like photos, images, pictures, captures... =)


hooray for november in black and white! i love the incredible texture in your shots!


Hi Maya, I'm joining you as often as I can this month!


So beautiful! I have to go out with my camera. I've been really uninspired lately, so it's good to have a project in mind! Thanks!

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