Happy Halloween!
Haunted house


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love the new november banner and color changes.


Yay for B&W November. New banner is extra awesome.

Jenny Carson

I love this image!! It is nice when something so simple looks so good.

Jude Cowell

Love the dark background and banner is very elegant, M!


I love the B&W look.... Gorgeous Maya, gorgeous!


I'm feeling that same vibe...need to simplify ;-) Love the November banner!

Jamie :)


I agree with those who love the (really elegant) layout changes :)
The "minimalist vibe" made you take a really nice shot! I love it especially because I tried to take something like this a few weeks ago and totally failed! :D



Love your B&W project and i adore your new banner! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Digging the vibe and look forward to the rest of the month.


Yay! It has been so gray around here lately. It feels like I don't have to switch my camera to b & w!

Kristi aka FIber Fool

Oooo, what a fun idea! My sister's b-day is Halloween and she has decided to embark on the 365 photo project for her 28th year and she's dragging me along. It might be nice to have a "theme" for the month to keep us going... I'm going to send her this way and see what she thinks!


This reminds me of the necklace my hubby gave me for my birthday: a silver disc with the impression of a bit of wild grass in it. Your white space really brings attention to that same tiny beauty.

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