Routine: a January morning 2010

Simple Small Bear

I'm imagining a really quiet week, this last week of the year. I have just a few yarns in my shop and they're all 10% off. I'll start adding new ones again as soon as the calendar flips to January. But until then, I'm taking some deep breaths, playing with the new marble run, reading a book or two, drinking some really nice coffee, and knitting the Simple Small Bear pattern from The Best-Dressed Knitted Bear.

Simple Small Bear

R says that when I finish this one, I could go on to knit the Bear of Unusual Size Likely to Win in a Battle of Wits, perhaps followed by the Gigantic Misunderstood Bear. I'm not sure there's that much time left in the year, but we'll see.

How are you spending this last week of the decade?


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I'm eating a lot. Not necessarily a conscious decision, but I'm enjoying it :)

And learning photoshop.

And grading papers.

And trying to stay healthy. And catch up on sleep :)

Love you!

Kelly (greenknitter)

mostly working and trying to clean.

That said, New Years is my 1 year anniversary with the boyfriend - so some form of celebration is in order :)


I'm hanging out with my kids, staying up late, sleeping late, eating Christmas cookies, playing Wii and reading!


ooh! can't wait to see the bear! it looks adorable!
i'm not doing much- relaxing with family and taking it easy. and avoiding two tricky knitting projects.


heh heh - i want to see the giant misunderstood bear, too funny!

enjoy your nice slow week!


I'm spending this last week packing and relaxing. I hope you are having a nice week!

laura @ the shore house

I'm spending the week behind my desk at work. Wah WAH. :-( But I'm enjoying the quiet and my lunchtime blog visits! A weekday rarity for me.

I hope you're enjoying the holidays! Thank you for bringing me so much beauty this year. :-)

A Forest Frolic

I'm knitting a scarf too, yay! And I got a new cabinet for the studio so I'm hoping to get that organized...hey, I think I'll go now while the baby is napping! Happy New Year.

Jamie :)


Hi can't wait to see your finished bear Maya! Happy New Year .... ring in the new year well!

Jude Cowell

Happy New Year, Maya and to All!

Kate England | Marmalade Moon

Just stopping by to wish you a happy New Year!



R is very funny!


Spent it working. Blah. But also! Knitting. Spinning. Preparing! Thinking. Cuddling. It was a good week! :)

PS I <3 your mug.

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