Routine: a January morning 2010


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what fabulous color in your 'average' mornings-- don't seem so average to me! they look absolutely wonderful!


i agree with cmv - your "average" mornings are amazingly colorful! gorgeous pictures!

laura @ the shorehouse

Love it! Not sure how I could capture on film the chaos that is me in the a.m.... frantically trying to get shoes on while flying out the door, typically knocking something(s) over as I go. :-)

Happy new year!! May 2010 be filled with beautiful, colorful mornings!!


So lovely!


I love the colors - I think in 2010 I need to take more pictures of my life, not just projects that I make.

By the way, I gave you a blog award here -


Looks like a fun morning to me!

Campbell Jane

Saw you on Etsy. What a lovely blog! Great photos. I'll be back!


What a colorful average morning! Hope all is well Maya and that you had a great holiday.


I love how colorful your morning is!

Is that Simple Small Bear in your header image? So cute!


What a pretty morning!

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