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We went to our friendly neighborhood Waffle House today for brunch. We ate some excellent waffles and eggs and grits and toast and jam and I took some fun photos and V had a great time there, as usual (she loves watching them cook).

They're always Super Nice there, at this particular one - which is why we go there rather than the one that's right down the block from our house. They're nice at that one too, but not Super Nice.

v 051

So I wanted to write a Super Nice post about how much I love Waffle House; it was already taking shape in my head. But one of the guys working there (Super Nicely) asked me what I was taking pictures of. Then he told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures and that the rules say that he's not even allowed to serve food to someone with a camera.

Good thing I already ate.

It's not his fault, and he was nicer about it than he needed to be. But it completely soured my brunch and my feelings for Waffle House. I know I've taken loads of photos at Cracker Barrel and they've never given me a hard time. I'm not sure I want to go back there. They have an interesting culture, good, reasonably priced food for the Average Joe, but they don't want Average Joe to photograph any of it. Because that would be ... bad?

Disappointing. I feel like a kid who just got her hand smacked with a ruler.


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Ugh that's so annoying! There are so many vloggers on youtube that have RECORDED in Waffle House establishments. :/

Dani (Pumpkinhaus)

wha??!! why not I wonder... hmmm. that is really annoying!


that's really weird... he didn't tell you why?
you'd think they'd want whatever free publicity they could get.

rachel whetzel

Yeah. There are a lot of places like that. Burger King has it posted on their doors!! Linda Woods is always saying she gets in trouble for taking pics in public places. I think they worry about people stealing ideas, AND reporting things so they say no pics. I say, CAMERA PHONES!!! lol


Strange. That must stem from fear of getting reported for something bad.


too bad- i take pictures of food all the time and have never gotten in trouble- never at the waffle house, though.....

Jude Cowell

Yes, weird. Glad you snagged the good 'surveillance' pic we see posted here har har.

W-House waffles are delicioso, but if they used real butter we'd all be a lot happier, imo. And fatter, i guess, though it's difficult to compare without knowing details of the butter product they offer.


That is so strange. I know what you mean about something like that changing your whole feeling about a place. Sheesh.


I've never understood that policy, no matter where it is at. At least you got to eat first. =)


what?! that's ridiculous! they can't even serve food to people with a camera? they have no idea what a disservice they're doing to wonderful artists like you who could make them look phenomenal. their loss!


This is sad! I've never been to a Waffle House, only driven by when I was traveling.

At least he was pleasant about it & good thing you ate already!

And then there's Jim Gaffigan's comedy routine about it (you can see it online.)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Hey, Maya! I was just catching up on your blog and this post stopped me cold. I can't believe they wouldn't let you take photos in Waffle House, of all places.

I was told not to take photos in a furniture store once because "competitors might steal our designs" (like they can't see photos of the furniture in ads every Sunday?), but this is a first for me. How many times have we had family gatherings at restaurants and taken group photos? I've never been told it was against the rules. Sure doesn't seem very friendly. (Now I know to hide my camera when I'm there, though!)


Boo Waffle House!

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