A decent snow
Step 1 - dyeing the wool

If you'd like to win some lovely handspun yarn...

Well, all our snow is gone - except for the big snowman bottoms in all the front yards! Makes me laugh.

Do you know my favorite part of snow? This right here:

Hot chocolate

I know now that I have not knitted nearly enough mittens for my family and that I must get on that immediately.

Another thing I know is that Oma Rules is a brand new blog written by Chris. She's just getting started, getting her blogging feet wet, and I'm happy to welcome her to our little virtual world. Sometimes it seems so small and cozy, doesn't it? Tonight it feels small and cozy to me because Chris is Alexis' mom and, if you didn't know, Alexis is wonderful and I love her to pieces. And so one last thing I know is that Chris is giving away two skeins of my handspun yarn. How wonderful is that?


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Aw, you're so sweet!


what a generous gift for your friend!
she has a charming blog!!


That is VERY wonderful!!! I went, hung out, and commented...tee hee...wish me luck! Because I'm getting better and better at knitting every day...wooo hooo!

Jamie :)

Sosae Caetano

OhMy...this has to be my absolute favorite photo ever!!!! Please please make cards out of this...I will be first in line. Dreamy hot chocolate, perfect background, pink heart marshmallow... Girl, you work magic with that camera (and the spinning wheel, of course!)


Yay! I hope I didn't miss the giveaway. I'm headed over there now!


Oh, and I love that photo! The pink heart marshmallow is great! I couldn't get into Chris's blog comment section with my google account. :(

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