Pt. 5: Taking the pictures
The Sandpit

I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.

I know! I know! I just talked about fiber incessantly for days and here I am again with it. You would think that nothing goes on in this house but the dyeing and the yarn spinning.

And you might actually be right about that.

Anyway, I just got this great new fiber that I'm so very excited about and I've dyed it up and I'm sorry I didn't buy more. Next time I will buy much more.

Because look!

my roving 002

Seriously, I would eat it if I could. Or marry it and have its babies. Do you know how much I hated my editing job? Gosh, did I ever. So. Very. Boring. But this thing? This handspun yarn that takes so much of my time and energy? On days like today when I go downstairs to find this loveliness all dry and ready to spin - it's so very exciting.

As my grandmama would say, Goodness gracious, great day a'livin'!

UPDATE:  I've been toying with the idea of selling my hand-painted roving occasionally, just as I can, no custom orders, and possibly one of a kind. I thought I would start with one of these since they're so pretty. It's in the shop right now.


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Oh - I just want to hug it! So pretty!


great day a'livin' is right! that fiber is beyond gorgeous! if you decide not to marry it can it?

Juanita McCants

Love those colors!!!

Debbie Stassin (Needlebee)

Beautiful, stunning colors! The yarn just reaches out and grabs you!


It's beautiful, you all would make cute babies, tee hee ;)

Jamie :)


Beautiful job! Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


WOW~ what awesome and stunning colors! I'm totally inspired and the tones remind me of the Southwest. Love it :)

Jude Cowell

If you can fry it, i'll have a plateful - it is so gorgeous!


It's sooo good to be back visiting you here! I'm catching up on all the post that i've missed and i have to let you know that i LOVE all your videos of your process from start to handspun yarn [your voice is soo soo sweet]! Oh these handpainted wool are gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


Wow, that is just gorgeous! I can't wait to get my computer back so i can watch your videos. Hubby's computer doesn't have speakers.

Thank goodness the editing job ended huh? Because this is definitley what you should be doing.


So beautiful! That's the kind of roving I would put in the middle of my table instead of flowers!


oh my goodness-- hooray for following your passion! look at where it leads you! such scrumptiousness!


Wow..your excitement can be felt. Such deliciously great colours and looking forward to seeing more :)


Beautiful!!! I love that bright turquoise in the back of the pile!!


So beautiful!


It so rich & beautiful!


Soooo pretty! I want to sleep in a bed of it!

Kristi aka FiberFool

Gorgeous! Such a rich combination of colors!

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