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I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.

I know! I know! I just talked about fiber incessantly for days and here I am again with it. You would think that nothing goes on in this house but the dyeing and the yarn spinning.

And you might actually be right about that.

Anyway, I just got this great new fiber that I'm so very excited about and I've dyed it up and I'm sorry I didn't buy more. Next time I will buy much more.

Because look!

my roving 002

Seriously, I would eat it if I could. Or marry it and have its babies. Do you know how much I hated my editing job? Gosh, did I ever. So. Very. Boring. But this thing? This handspun yarn that takes so much of my time and energy? On days like today when I go downstairs to find this loveliness all dry and ready to spin - it's so very exciting.

As my grandmama would say, Goodness gracious, great day a'livin'!

UPDATE:  I've been toying with the idea of selling my hand-painted roving occasionally, just as I can, no custom orders, and possibly one of a kind. I thought I would start with one of these since they're so pretty. It's in the shop right now.

Pt. 5: Taking the pictures

Well, I started these handspun yarns last Wednesday and now it's Sunday and they are all ready to list. I've photographed them, taken the stats, edited the photos - next I just have to write the listings.

I have 5 yarns to list. I'll write some of the listings tonight and probably some tomorrow and then I'm planning to put them all up in the shop at the same time, sometime on Monday during the day (hopefully!).

If you'd really like to know exactly when they'll be for sale in the shop, you can email me at springtreeroad (at) yahoo (dot) com and I can give you a small bit of advanced notice. If you see one you love and you miss it though, I take custom orders - just ask!

This concludes my handspun yarn video diary! Yay! I had fun making the videos and I'm sure I'll do more in the future. I don't want to repeat myself, but I have a few ideas for videos down the road...

Now I'm headed back upstairs to start the dyepots. Hope you're having a lovely day!

Pt. 4: All spun up

Ok, bored yet?

Here's the yarn, all spun up!

I've spun all 4 yarns. After that I set the twist and let them dry last night. Today we went to the aquarium, so while I listed a new handspun yarn last night before bed, I'm not doing anything with these 4 today. Next up - tomorrow morning I'm planning to photograph them and take the stats so I can list them ASAP, either sometime Sunday but definitely by Monday. In the meantime (and off-camera because it couldn't possibly be interesting to go through the cycle with me more than once!), tonight I'll be planning the yarns I want to spin this week and tomorrow I'll get as much of that dyed as possible - probably 8-12 batches of wool.

The wool is dry!

In this video, I talk a little bit about how I dry the freshly dyed wool and you can see a tiny bit of the room I call my fiber studio.

You might notice that the wool I said I was going to dye in the "Seaglass" colorway, is most definitely not! I decided to use a different brown - one that I'd never used before and that came from a different company that what I usually work with. Maybe not my best idea. At the very least, it didn't give me the color I expected, but I find that wool is very forgiving and we'll see what it looks like in 1-3 days, once it's all spun up.

If you'd like to win some lovely handspun yarn...

Well, all our snow is gone - except for the big snowman bottoms in all the front yards! Makes me laugh.

Do you know my favorite part of snow? This right here:

Hot chocolate

I know now that I have not knitted nearly enough mittens for my family and that I must get on that immediately.

Another thing I know is that Oma Rules is a brand new blog written by Chris. She's just getting started, getting her blogging feet wet, and I'm happy to welcome her to our little virtual world. Sometimes it seems so small and cozy, doesn't it? Tonight it feels small and cozy to me because Chris is Alexis' mom and, if you didn't know, Alexis is wonderful and I love her to pieces. And so one last thing I know is that Chris is giving away two skeins of my handspun yarn. How wonderful is that?

A decent snow

Yay for snow! We finally got a decent amount of snow. We're having a great time playing in it, trying to sled down our small hill, building a snowman with a mohawk, and drinking hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmallows.

a decent snow! 066

Hope you're just as snug in your part of the world!

Yarns for tonight

So today, after working like crazy since last Saturday I realized I didn't have that much to do. But since I'm in go mode, I felt like I needed to do something. Sure, I could clean the house or do some laundry. Or I could make a video. So here's a video of the yarns I'll be listing tonight. Not terribly exciting, but I'm just feeling it out to see how I like making such videos and I'm thinking I'll do more in the future. Just for fun.

Tee hee

Finally got around to carding those batts today! But this picture just cracks me up, so I thought I would share.

Batts! 037

When you blend the fiber on the drumcarder, it goes all the way around. You have to separate it so you can take one end and roll it off. So you've got all this fiber held in the carder's teeth and when you release it, it just puffs right up, terribly proud of itself.

The pain in my brain today

I'm still figuring this thing out - this how to have an at-home business while staying home with your little one and trying to keep the house and everything else in good working order.

I decided it would be good to set up a schedule and do things the way the Big Girls do them. You know, list all your items at once, once a week or so, and let everyone know about it beforehand.

So I am planning to update my shop this coming Thursday, as I did last Thursday, at 9:30pm Eastern. And I'll do that this week.

But you know what? I just don't think that's working for me.

I think I'm more of a random happening than a regularly scheduled program. Because see this wool? I'm supposed to have it already spun up, twist set, photographed and ready to list by Thursday and I just don't think that's going to happen. Maybe by Friday or Saturday, but I'd be afraid to put a deadline of Thursday on these two. So that would mean they'd have to wait until next Thursday and that's hard for me because I'm really excited about them, especially the one on the right. I love that one. I've never put pink on Corriedale wool before and I can't wait to spin it.

the pain in my brain 004

Once they're done, I want to list them, not leave them sitting around in a bin waiting. I get too excited about the yarn to wait for Thursday at 9:30pm. And that's a good thing, yes?

So is there a way to be ok with that? The randomness? I mean, my head is telling me that I should be on some sort of strict schedule. That if I'm not nothing will ever get done. That if I can't stick to a schedule it's because I have Shortcomings. But my scheduling is for the birds because it just stresses me out. How do you balance things if that's not your natural inclination? Do I have to keep trying? If I don't, what will happen?

And that, my friends, is the pain in my brain today.

Love her

I just came across this - it was taken at the end of October. I was shooting pictures for the banner for November in B&W.

I love this picture. She's holding in her hand these little nuts from one of the trees in our backyard, giving them kisses. Sometimes she'll pick one or two up off the ground and bring them in the house to take care of them - she calls them her Nutbabies. She'll give them a bath in the sink and some felt food and then tuck them into a little blanket she has so they can sleep.

Nutbabies 003

Better On Black

How I love her.


We went to our friendly neighborhood Waffle House today for brunch. We ate some excellent waffles and eggs and grits and toast and jam and I took some fun photos and V had a great time there, as usual (she loves watching them cook).

They're always Super Nice there, at this particular one - which is why we go there rather than the one that's right down the block from our house. They're nice at that one too, but not Super Nice.

v 051

So I wanted to write a Super Nice post about how much I love Waffle House; it was already taking shape in my head. But one of the guys working there (Super Nicely) asked me what I was taking pictures of. Then he told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures and that the rules say that he's not even allowed to serve food to someone with a camera.

Good thing I already ate.

It's not his fault, and he was nicer about it than he needed to be. But it completely soured my brunch and my feelings for Waffle House. I know I've taken loads of photos at Cracker Barrel and they've never given me a hard time. I'm not sure I want to go back there. They have an interesting culture, good, reasonably priced food for the Average Joe, but they don't want Average Joe to photograph any of it. Because that would be ... bad?

Disappointing. I feel like a kid who just got her hand smacked with a ruler.

Soup for breakfast

I would never consider having soup for breakfast, but then I'm not really a fan of canned soup on any occasion. Only having breakfast foods for breakfast is really something we learn to do, right? When V wanted noodle soup this morning my first thought was ewwwww, yuck!

soup for breakfast 003

But really, who am I to say what's good for breakfast? She was very, very happy with her warm, double noodle soup.

And I was very, very happy with my small bagel, cream cheese, and chai tea with almond milk, which I will confess is more than I usually eat for breakfast these days.

I'm wondering if you love to eat any non-breakfast foods for breakfast? Anything good I should know about to break the fast?

And goodness, I should probably think about changing that banner up there. Oops.