The pain in my brain today

Love her

I just came across this - it was taken at the end of October. I was shooting pictures for the banner for November in B&W.

I love this picture. She's holding in her hand these little nuts from one of the trees in our backyard, giving them kisses. Sometimes she'll pick one or two up off the ground and bring them in the house to take care of them - she calls them her Nutbabies. She'll give them a bath in the sink and some felt food and then tuck them into a little blanket she has so they can sleep.

Nutbabies 003

Better On Black

How I love her.


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this photograph is stunning. really really stunning! i hope that you blow it up huge and hang it in your living room. it deserves to be savored every day.


beautiful picture and an even more beautiful story! sweet sweet nutbabies! i love it!


Wish we could come over & play!


That is precious. My little one did a similar thing with rocks. She called them Rockos and made entire families of them that lived on her bedroom window sill. Just when I thought she was no longer tending them she informed me that they will always need her. I hope that those nutbabies will always need V too. :-)


That is a really sweet picture and story.

Jamie :)


That is precious. I just love her imagination.

Jude Cowell

me too! reminds me of acorn caps on sticks playing little people (one imagines)...yes, this is a great photo!

and it's sweet that she takes care of them so well.


Oh maya, this is breathtaking! I LOVE the capture! (the focus on her little hands totally creates the mood in the picture... lovely!)

And even more so, I love how it completely captures the story of what she's doing. Miss Bean does this with rocks... and occasionally, frogs from the backyard, but they stay outside.

V is a sweet little thing. Love it :)

Lisa Renata

beautiful. =)


maya, this photo renders me speechless! I can't think of what to say about how amazing it is! And, your sweet little V! I know that feeling of spilling over with love for your child.


Such a sweet photo! You'll cherish that one for years to come.


This is a truly stunning photo, Maya. I really love the focus in this shot.

Terresa Wellborn

This is gorgeousness. Pure and simple.


so beautiful and pure! I love the "nutbabies"!!!!! is there a cuter name?

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