This is how I spin
Pt. 5: Taking the pictures

Pt. 4: All spun up

Ok, bored yet?

Here's the yarn, all spun up!

I've spun all 4 yarns. After that I set the twist and let them dry last night. Today we went to the aquarium, so while I listed a new handspun yarn last night before bed, I'm not doing anything with these 4 today. Next up - tomorrow morning I'm planning to photograph them and take the stats so I can list them ASAP, either sometime Sunday but definitely by Monday. In the meantime (and off-camera because it couldn't possibly be interesting to go through the cycle with me more than once!), tonight I'll be planning the yarns I want to spin this week and tomorrow I'll get as much of that dyed as possible - probably 8-12 batches of wool.


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I will be looking for the orange & purple yarn in your shop tomorrow or monday ( I just cant let my dear hubby find out!). That would make the perfect hat for Stormy! I love the shimmer in these yarns


Beautiful yarn! Thank you very much for mentioning my new blog, and for mentioning my giveaway. I find your blog very interesting, and beautiful to look at! Thanks.

Jude Cowell

Gorgeous! i love their shimmer too.


so so gorgeous!


Pretty stuff, Maya!


That is so interesting. You do such beautiful work!


Holy Moly, that is a full time job! It even has its own lingo. lol
great videos!

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