Soup for breakfast

I would never consider having soup for breakfast, but then I'm not really a fan of canned soup on any occasion. Only having breakfast foods for breakfast is really something we learn to do, right? When V wanted noodle soup this morning my first thought was ewwwww, yuck!

soup for breakfast 003

But really, who am I to say what's good for breakfast? She was very, very happy with her warm, double noodle soup.

And I was very, very happy with my small bagel, cream cheese, and chai tea with almond milk, which I will confess is more than I usually eat for breakfast these days.

I'm wondering if you love to eat any non-breakfast foods for breakfast? Anything good I should know about to break the fast?

And goodness, I should probably think about changing that banner up there. Oops.


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As a frequent consumer of lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, leftover chicken, etc. for breakfast, I say kudos to Miss V for her fine breakfast choice. (Though I'm not a canned soup kind of woman, either).

And I just discovered almond milk. Oh my holy heck. That? that is the delicious I need in my day instead of ice cream. (I get the vanilla kind... Shaun drinks plain... both are delicious).

Stay warm and cozy today. Hugs all around.


By the way, lovely bowls!

Breeze Hill Farm - MaLinda

At 53 years old I still find my favorite breakfast to be cold pizza. When I was little Mom would feed me anything to get me to eat (I no longer have that problem)..this was one of my favorites. So noodle soup sounds good to me! - MaLinda

Debbie Stassin (Needlebee)

Never tried soup, but why not? I get tired of breakfast foods, and left-overs are too heavy in the morning. I will give it a try.

Jude Cowell

Guess V hasn't formed breakfast prejudices yet!

A Forest Frolic

Noodle soup does NOT sound appealing for Christmas to me, tee hee. But I do LOOOOOVE breakfast any time of day! Our fav...bacon, eggs, grits and pancakes for din-din. We only do this when the daddio isn't home for dinner though because he's not a fan!

But, ya know what we do like for breakfast sometimes!? A cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese and cut strawberries on top...yum! This is one of our camping breakfasts!

Jamie :)

Sosae Caetano

This morning I had a ham'n gouda sandwich for breakfast. (Glamorous, non?) Yesterday it was a cup of sunflower seeks and half a cinnamon roll. I think when you have a kid though, you get more organized with what you prepare to eat. So far it's just hubby and me, so our morning fare is a hodgepodge of mood-food. Soup sounds awesome for breakfast - I think we'll do that tomorrow!

Sosae Caetano

What are sunflower seeks?


I have been known to eat leftovers for breakfast, especially left over desserts. Leftover pie makes a very good breakfast!


My kids love breakfast for dinner and dinner at breakfast! Me-a banana mid morning-boring!


It may sound strange but it's really good - a baby spinach salad with mango dressing...


When my kids were little they ate anything for breakfast - leftovers from dinner, fish even (canned kippered herring for a while, too!).
Now, the closest they get to anything non-typical is cold pizza, maybe cold mac&cheese.


i'm not much of a breakfast eater myself - usually a cereal bar or some peanut butter toast if i'm feeling fancy.

i don't know if i could do it for breakfast - but i have been craving canned noodle soup for lunch quite a bit this winter... it's weird the little kicks we get on from time to time.

sandra olensky

I think chicken noodle soup is a great idea for breakfast. It's better than those sugary sweet cereals and donuts etc....On a cold day, it warms you up. And if it has any veggies in it, more power to you! Add some yogurt and/or piece of fruit, and I'm thinking it's pretty balanced. When I was a nanny for a Korean family, that is what their children ate for breakfast. I grew up on all the sugery cereals and pop tarts; not good to sugar crash at school midmorning. Sometimes now, I eat some steamed veggies or a salad for bfast. It's actually more like a brunch from around 10 to 11 then an early dinner from 5-6. Healthy snacks in between. At least that is what I'm "TRYING" to do... Sorry this post is so long Maya. You are such a wonderful flexible Mom Maya! I just love the way you parent!!


Glad I'm not the only cold-pizza-for-brekkie fan! I like Chinese rice porridge (savory) for breakfast, I love leftover pie & coffee.


Cold pizza seems to be a standard non-brekkie breakfast. I'm actually not too fond of it. But here's a good one: whole wheat toast buttered and spread w/ cottage cheese and strawberry jam or orange marmalade. Oh, yum...... My kids took that a step further and put the cottage cheese on top of their peanut butter toast; I wasn't impressed but they still like it as adults. I would let my children and now let my grandchildren eat anything they wanted for breakfast as long as it was nutritious. Quesadillas, anybody? :)


MMM now I am wanting quiche for some reason. Now that would be a good breakfast. But, I sometimes make it for dinner. Good for V for thinking outside of the box. Love it!

Hey, how have ya been?!


Homemade chicken soup is one of my breakfast treats, so is apple pie, on rare occasion.

Mary Smith

Hey, why not? It's always great to think outside of the box!


I usually stick with a common breakfast food like oatmeal! My kids almost never eat breakfast. I know. It bugs the heck out of me, but their stomachs aren't ready for food early. Chicken noodle soup sounds like a nice warm breakfast!


I am a common breakfast girl. Lately I've been eating frozen berries (defrosted) with vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of granola. It's my favorite way to start the day...with coffee, of course!


I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast foods. I like breakfast for breakfast, but I also like breakfast for dinner...but not lunch...unless it's brunch, then it's fine. As long as V is eating, I'd let her eat what she wants. Good for you for fixing her soup.

Debbie (Wuglyees)

I must admit I'm a great fan of soup for breakfast...but my very favorite is fried catfish with grits and home fries! YUM!...Is it breakfast time now?...No matter! Going to get some now!!!

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