If you'd like to win some lovely handspun yarn...
The wool is dry!


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I love the videos! I tried to dye some wool myself a few weeks ago. I used fishermans wool and kool-aid. it came out much better than I expected, and it was so much fun! keep them coming!


love it!!! more xoxo


ooh! love the video! how fun to live vicariously through you! can't wait to see the next step!


GREAT! We love it. My husband and I were admiring your beautiful yarns online yesterday, and we went through your archives trying to understand the whole process. Today, we were happily surprised to find that you're going to explain it to us on video! Thanks, and we can't wait to see the rest!


It's really cool that you're doing these videos.


I am so excited that you are doing these videos! This has been on my mind since you started doing this. See, now I thought it was dyed after spinning. Already learned something new.


It's interesting to see the dying process - how you have the yarn placed in the tub and that you squirt the dye in sections like that. That purple is gorgeous.

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