The pain in my brain today
Yarns for tonight

Tee hee

Finally got around to carding those batts today! But this picture just cracks me up, so I thought I would share.

Batts! 037

When you blend the fiber on the drumcarder, it goes all the way around. You have to separate it so you can take one end and roll it off. So you've got all this fiber held in the carder's teeth and when you release it, it just puffs right up, terribly proud of itself.


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Yarrrr, need to get my drum carder back out. Your pretty fiber makes me want to play with mine. But I don't know what to do with it yet. ;)


It reminds me of one of those troll dolls hair. So cute!


i was going to say troll doll hair too!


Ha! I was thinking troll doll hair too!


It looks just like those troll doll heads from the 70's - :)


I agree with the troll doll hair assessment. So funny all your commenters think alike today!

Jude Cowell

troll doll was my 1st impression too! ;p


Okay, I think we are all think troll doll hair. Love it!!


So troll doll!

I pick up my drum carder on Sunday! I am so excited and I cannot wait to get it.




Troll doll!


too too funny! it's like the newest muppet!

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