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The pain in my brain today

I'm still figuring this thing out - this how to have an at-home business while staying home with your little one and trying to keep the house and everything else in good working order.

I decided it would be good to set up a schedule and do things the way the Big Girls do them. You know, list all your items at once, once a week or so, and let everyone know about it beforehand.

So I am planning to update my shop this coming Thursday, as I did last Thursday, at 9:30pm Eastern. And I'll do that this week.

But you know what? I just don't think that's working for me.

I think I'm more of a random happening than a regularly scheduled program. Because see this wool? I'm supposed to have it already spun up, twist set, photographed and ready to list by Thursday and I just don't think that's going to happen. Maybe by Friday or Saturday, but I'd be afraid to put a deadline of Thursday on these two. So that would mean they'd have to wait until next Thursday and that's hard for me because I'm really excited about them, especially the one on the right. I love that one. I've never put pink on Corriedale wool before and I can't wait to spin it.

the pain in my brain 004

Once they're done, I want to list them, not leave them sitting around in a bin waiting. I get too excited about the yarn to wait for Thursday at 9:30pm. And that's a good thing, yes?

So is there a way to be ok with that? The randomness? I mean, my head is telling me that I should be on some sort of strict schedule. That if I'm not nothing will ever get done. That if I can't stick to a schedule it's because I have Shortcomings. But my scheduling is for the birds because it just stresses me out. How do you balance things if that's not your natural inclination? Do I have to keep trying? If I don't, what will happen?

And that, my friends, is the pain in my brain today.


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Breeze Hill Farm - MaLinda

First, let me say thank you for "Heart". Now on to the pain in your brain. I have always been a list person. Very organized, up tight, bitchy chick. So I tried to do the opposite of what you are trying to do when I started the farm in '94. Well let me tell you, not only did I get a pain in my brain, I got full blown anxiety attacks, an ulcer, almost divorced and discovered Miller Lite was my best friend morning, noon and night. So, after the brick hit me in the head, I said "oh yeah" that's what I did different!

Guess what I'm saying here is you do not have to change yourself into someone you are not comfortable with. If you are a random person..then big surprise..that's who you are. If it works, operate on a loose and flowing schedule. What you do is art and an artist cannot produce on a rigid schedule. If you change the way you have been doing things, no doubt it will eventually reflect in your craft.

Be yourself and work as yourself..the rest will fall into place.


I totally agree with MaLinda.

I was just having this same issue in January. I personally have issues with being productive on a regular basis but I always feel like that is a shortcoming and I should be more productive. In order to MAKE myself more productive I would try to MAKE myself work within an idea schedule. (Especially since unemployment...) So then I would say... Oh, I'm going to work from 10-2 while my kid is in school everyday and then on 3 days I will work from 9-11 at night so I can dye and have extra time if it runs over. (we all know how messy dying can be.) But I immediately broke that schedule and felt like crap.
So the next time I meet with my husband we had a discussion. (Yeah weird, I know, but I decided to have "business mtgs" to bounce ideas and discuss good and bad every week...well 2 weeks now) Basically, what we discovered is exactly what you wrote. I am no good at schedules. At one point my "working day" was 9 pm to 3 am every night. Then we would wake up at 7:30 get our son to school, get back home and go to sleep until an hour or two before we had to pick him up. It felt weird for a while but you know... it worked. I got tons done after he went to sleep, I got to help him with homework or play with him after school and on weekends and I got to make stuff and list stuff for the store.

So... sorry to write the equivalent of a novel. The short version is you have to do what is in your best interest for your family and the most productive for your business. (Obviously you know that but its just part of the short version which is getting longer again...) I know I feel tons better now not restricting myself to an ideal and not beating myself up for achieving it.
Good Luck!!!


As is said in the first comment: art cannot follow a rigid scheme.
And random person, like I am, cannot follow rigid scheme as well... especially if they have to care about a child and an house too.

My boyfriend is a going-to-be physicist with the "soul of a Swiss" (as we say in Italy) and he plan and schedule everything... even when going to the bathroom at times. I tried to act like him for my studies in physics (much easier to schedule than art) and... you know the result. I badly failed.

After several months I started thinking that people alike you and me are similar to electrons, they stay in an "orbital" in an "area" that is an "average of its positions"... What I mean is what you already said in the post. "I'll finish by friday-saturday" you know yourself and you know the "time area" of when you'll have finished everything... therefore I guess you should give yourself something like an "average rule". Dunno..might be: "trying to get one thing done a week but not caring of when in the week and if some week will be empty"... I'm pretty sure that feeling a little more free will stress yourself less and therefore enjoy more everything and, as natural consequence, you'll do everything in the proper way. I'm sure of this... and who knows might happen that in some other weeks you'll do twice of more the work you usually do in a week... it will be good for the weeks of stop.

Sorry for the lenght, my English is always terrible ;)

Big hug and kisses :*

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

As a project manager who's job is to make sure certain things happen on a certain schedule, I totally understand what you're saying.

The important thing to remember is that some things need to be done on a specific schedule, but most things do not.

Personally, I keep a (long) list of things to do by category... home, work, project what ever makes sense. If something needs to be done by a specific date then I mark it in my planner or on the to do list. If not, then it gets done when the time is right.

Schedules are linear, creativity is not.

rachel whetzel

Maybe instead of "regulating" the artful side of yourself, you should make a general schedule of what your day needs to be like in order for you to feel free to CREATE. Maybe having times to stop and start lunch and dinner... and bedtimes. And then work your creativity into that. I think it's great to embrace who/what/how you are.


I have the same issue! Schedules just don't work for me. I just make a list of what needs to be done by the day's end and try to fit everything in. If something doesn't get done I move it to the next day. It definitely helps me to have a plan for the day, but a strict schedule is just hopeless. And in reality, I never finish everything on the list. I go to bed every night with a million things I wanted to get done but didn't. Ah well, the dirty laundry isn't going anywhere, unfortunately. There's always tomorrow.


i say to just embrace the randomness...
let some things go, and from day to day just prioritize what is most important at that moment.

also - that fiber is gorgeous!

Fighting Windmills

I like how you've capitalized "Shortcomings". Don't commit to something that you already know isn't working for you. You know what Dr. Phil always asks. . . But I think it's nice to have a specific time to aim for updating your shop. If you aim for it and miss it'll still be okay.

maya | springtree road

I think the Shortcomings are my idea of what I think other people's ideas of me are. Said kind of in jest, because often I don't care what others think and yet somehow I do...


I thrive on routine but absolutely love randomness!

Kelly C - greenknitter

I am a serial list maker and list neglecter. I like visually seeing what I need/want to accomplish but 9 times outta 10 will go off in some random direction and forget the other items left to do.

Which reminds me – At the beginning of the year I made a mighty detailed list of goals for 2010 (one of them being to FINALLY learn how to read knit patterns). It’s February and that list has already been tucked in the back of a random book somewhere. Tonight I’m going to fish it out and get cracking!

Your pain in the brain is my spark of motivation! Good luck

(ps – the blue and orange fiber looks great)

Jude Cowell

Such good advice(s) for you Maya!

You know, even limitation must have limits.


Wow, you've gotten some great advice here! I don't think I can add anything to it.

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