Step 1 - dyeing the wool
This is how I spin

The wool is dry!

In this video, I talk a little bit about how I dry the freshly dyed wool and you can see a tiny bit of the room I call my fiber studio.

You might notice that the wool I said I was going to dye in the "Seaglass" colorway, is most definitely not! I decided to use a different brown - one that I'd never used before and that came from a different company that what I usually work with. Maybe not my best idea. At the very least, it didn't give me the color I expected, but I find that wool is very forgiving and we'll see what it looks like in 1-3 days, once it's all spun up.


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It's amazing that you turn something that doesn't start out looking special at all into such beautiful yarn!


oh i'm having so much fun with these videos. it's really lovely to be able to follow the whole process- so glad you're posting them!


I had no idea that the wool was so shiny. Pretty cool. Hopefully, you can prop your camera on something so we can see the spinning. Great videos!


You're so cute on your video Maya - I'm referring to your pink wall and chair railing. It's a very interesting process - I hope you can figure how a way to record the spinning - that would be very cool to watch.

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