Tee hee
A decent snow

Yarns for tonight

So today, after working like crazy since last Saturday I realized I didn't have that much to do. But since I'm in go mode, I felt like I needed to do something. Sure, I could clean the house or do some laundry. Or I could make a video. So here's a video of the yarns I'll be listing tonight. Not terribly exciting, but I'm just feeling it out to see how I like making such videos and I'm thinking I'll do more in the future. Just for fun.


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Oh I hope you'll continue to do one of these every once in a while. Seeing you hold the yarn and move it around using descriptive words and all was really great! Love your stuff!!


Your yarns are very pretty, Maya. It's interesting to hear your voice - different than I thought it would be, but I don't really know how or why. I didn't watch the whole thing - too tired and not patient enough to wait for it to load. =)


Maya, it was so funny...as soon as you pulled the Little Bird yarn out I thought, "Oh that's my favorite!" Someone just last week asked me what my favorite colors were and I told them I love turquoise and brown together!


Beautiful yarns!


I love your video! I've been thinking of doing one for a while.
So cool to hear your voice!

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