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Any fiber dyers in the house?

I have a special project coming up soon and I will be in need of a couple of fiber dyers (not yarn though, just fiber). If you are an ace fiber dyer and would like some steady work coming up in the next 1-3 months (and for the next year or so) please send me an email: springtreeroad (at) yahoo (dot) com. Whether you're an established shop or just getting started, it's ok with me - if you're interested just send me a note and I'll explain everything.



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This sounds intriguing! Onwards and upwards in your fiber fetish! On a similar note I have decided to buy a spinning wheel (Kiwi). Can't wait!


Hi! I belong to the PhatFiber team on etsy. While I'm not a fiber dyer (we stick to dyeing yarn), there are many PhatFiber members who are amazing fiber dyers. Search "phatfiber" on etsy to find their work. I think there are a few homeschoolers on the PhatFiber team, as well...

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