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I saw this t-shirt on Etsy and thought it'd be perfect for Miss V, who is fascinated by anatomy and reads her DK First Human Body Encyclopedia like it was Goodnight Moon.


So I convo'd them about making it in her size and on a white t-shirt instead of red because I didn't want it to be too graphic for my 4-year-old.

V in heart shirt

It took them a couple of weeks because they had to "order a blank" (wasn't sure what that meant, but I trusted that they did!) and shrink it down to her size. I got it in a 5T so she'll be sure to be able to wear it for a long time. It was here right in time for Valentine's Day!

V in heart shirt2

I think it's adorable - especially with a cute, frilly pink skirt! Am I a dork, or what?


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Haha! I love it! What does V think of it?

maya | springtree road

hi gayle! she loves it & wears it a lot. though now that she's seeing it in red, she says she likes that one better. ha ha!

i try. :)


LOVE it!!!


very cute


darling ... she looks darling and adorable!

Jude Cowell

yes, you're a dork. But you are right, it's mighty cute! Mostly though it's the model wearing it that's cuting it up... ;p


LOVE it! That is AWESOME!


That is EXCELLENT! Love it :) *I love quirky. (And I love that quirky drives my MIL mad, so this is right up my alley)


hee hee - that's too cool!

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