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Family Time

When we hit that point in V's young life where she no longer wanted to go to bed at the appointed time, I knew I had to think of something good - she doesn't trick, this girl.

family time

So now we have Family Time - a half hour of whatever quiet activity V wants that we all give our full attention to, sandwiched nicely between getting ready for bed and her usual bedtime routine.

We color

play with tracing paper

build with blocks and/or the train set

put puzzles together

play Balloon Bop

snuggle on the sofa with a video

just talk and laugh

These are things we'd do anyway, but somehow giving it this name has elevated it in all our minds. Family Time makes us all happier. Life is good.


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Amy Chester

That's incredibly sweet. What a terrific family tradition to build up! Congrats on beautiful set of new memories :-)
Love and Laughter,


what a perfect solution. i love it!


I love that, maya. What a sweet end to the day, to be wrapped in your family's love!


FUN! Routines like that can be really important to the little ones...

Jude Cowell



Sounds great and peaceful. Around here, family time mostly consists of stopping the girls from fighting. :(


What a wonderful bedtime ritual to create. You're also creating wonderful memories in the process.


what a lovely compromise and such a bonding thing for you all to do every day- i am sure years from now she will cherish the memories of that family time.
and i am cherishing this adorable photo. love those feet!


We do this too in our home and as my monkeys have gotten older it has moved on to all of us reading our own books- together snuggled, for the last 30 min before their bedtime.

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