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Handspun yarn, hand-written cards, & soon-to-be homemade brownies

I make a lot of lists. And I throw a lot of lists away (usually after V has found the list and colored all over it added to it). I just tore out a bunch of lists from my spiral notebook and now it's looking mighty thin. I love a good notebook of fresh paper and a nice pen. Yum.

I'm thinking of doing a yarn giveaway sometime in the next week or two, so if you like yarn you might want to check back on that.

Did I mention that R got a new job? It's been a little lot chaotic around here the past couple of months, but the new job is looking wonderful and we're very excited about it.

I've reconnected with an old friend who calls me Clementine. I like that. I call her Penelope. I was thinking of that when I named this yarn, many months ago. I need to make more of that yarn; it was very pretty.

today i'm recording stats

Stats! I just now wrote the stats down on 3 yarns while V drew cards for 3 of her cousins. She wrote the names on two of them - this is the first real interest she's shown in writing, so that's exciting. She thought the third cousin has too long of a name, so she drew a circle and colored it blue instead.

I need to dye wool today and I need to go to the grocery store. I'm not sure either of those things are going to happen. Instead I'm thinking of making the Best Cocoa Brownies today. Don't you think that sounds like a better idea? I know V does.


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Looks so pretty all spun up!

Both my kids liked to "help" me grade papers - luckily, my students had a good sense of humor. (think giant blue Sharpie scribbles)

Kelly (thegreenknitter)

I think the brownies sound like a MUCH better idea! :)


I like that too...the reconnecting part! But I also love the beautiful yarn and the idea of Brownies.


Those yarns are so pretty! How exciting that V has shown an interest in writing! And, brownies sound like a much better idea!

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