Less hunting, more gathering
It's Wednesday

House for rent

Last week, V and I went out and got a birdhouse and some things to feed the birds - one of those little hanging cage things. You know what I mean. I don't know what they're called. Whatever. We got one of those.

not to put too fine a point on it

I'm hoping to get her excited about birds and maybe learning the different kinds who come and dine in our backyard over the summer. I also really want a birdbath.

(Really hoping some lovely small bird will want to live in our new house.)


We have all these little white flowers in our backyard that someone told me are wild strawberries. If this year is like last year, the violets will start blooming soon.


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Check with the Audobon society. They have lists of birds that are categorized by zone. Each year they conduct a nationwide bird count. I think it may be over for this year but not sure.

I'm sure you will have a little bird in your houses soon.

I have to put our out too.

Jude Cowell

A sweet little house any birdie would be proud to love...wonder what Spring photo you'll be using for your April banner...? ;p


I remember making a little house like that (not quite as nice, and perhaps I didn't even finish it) in grade school--the shape is supposed to attract wrens.

Happy birdwatching!


ooh isn't spring exciting?! i hope you get the perfect bird for your house!

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