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It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday - this week is flying by! I'm already looking forward to the weekend. We'll be planting this.


I got the golden raspberry bush because it said that it fruits twice - in the summer and in the autumn. And because I figure I can buy silly old red raspberries any time. If I'm going to do the work to plant food to eat and flowers to smell, I like them to be a little outside the norm.

This is spearmint.


I got it because my grandparents always had it growing in a little spot outside their house. I loved crushing the leaves and smelling them. Mmmm-mmm. Occasionally, the spearmint would get out of control and my grandfather would mow them over, which always made my grandmother mad. I love spearmint.

We're having a small visitor for a few weeks - Flat Stanley has come to call. Among my weekend plans are to take him out and about.

Have you started making weekend plans yet? What's going on in your neck of the woods?

P.S. I'm changing my banner a day early because I won't be here tomorrow. And because I'm really looking forward to April! I'm tired of the dirt and snow on my blog. Ha ha.

P.S.S. The winner of the book is Kim. Congratulations!

House for rent

Last week, V and I went out and got a birdhouse and some things to feed the birds - one of those little hanging cage things. You know what I mean. I don't know what they're called. Whatever. We got one of those.

not to put too fine a point on it

I'm hoping to get her excited about birds and maybe learning the different kinds who come and dine in our backyard over the summer. I also really want a birdbath.

(Really hoping some lovely small bird will want to live in our new house.)


We have all these little white flowers in our backyard that someone told me are wild strawberries. If this year is like last year, the violets will start blooming soon.

Less hunting, more gathering

With spring here, my thoughts turn to the weather heating up and how I'm not entirely sure I want to put on a bathing suit. Or shorts. Or anything that's not black.


handspun yarn 102

So today I started the Engine 2 Diet. I'm super excited about it.

I had sworn off diet books, but this one doesn't seem like a diet; it seems more like the way I want to eat. So here we go. Me = plant-strong. Yeah, baby!

I even walked on the treadmill a little bit this morning. Major accomplishment for me. I'm sort of a likes-to-stay-inside-and-sit-still kinda girl.

But I don't want my daughter to be that way.

handspun yarn 118

So out we go, hunting for rain and weeds wildflowers.

handspun yarn 109

Wish me luck!

Simple Small Bear - FO!

Finally! I finished the Simple Small Bear from The Best-Dressed Knitted Bear! Could I have taken any longer?

Probably. If I'd tried just a little bit harder.

Anyway, here he is in all his glory.

simple bear 007

All my pictures of V with the bear look pretty much like this:

simple bear 017

So R was kind enough to help me out.

simple bear 027

Whew! I'm going to go update my Rav status as soon as I finish this post! Victory is mine!

Ok, so here's the thing - I'm glad I made him, but I'm not so sure that I want to make another. Or really any other sort of knitted stuffed animal. I love them, they're just not my thing.

So I figured I'd give this book away here on the blog because I'm sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy knitting several bears and the outfits that go with them.

simple bear 035

Am I right?

So here are the details to win The Best-Dressed Knitted Bear book:

Your comment is your entry.

If you want to tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, or something-else-I-haven't-thought-of it, go ahead and do that. Just make sure you leave me at least one comment telling me what all you did and with links to where I can find it. That'll get you extra points. If you want to tweet it 10 times, that's way cool, but only the first time will get you an extra point.

Comments will be open until sometime Tuesday morning - whenever I can get to the computer. I'll close the comments then and announce it soon after.

Contest is open to folks around the world. Woot!

Ok...I think that's it.

On the way to the vet

V and I took Grace to the vet this morning to see if she's healthy enough to get her teeth cleaned. All is well and I'll be happy for her to have her teeth cleaned in a couple of weeks. Poor old kitty.

Anyway, on the way to the vet we pass these interesting buildings and house. I've been wanting to photograph them for a while.

I had the hardest time figuring out what this building is used for. I don't know why I was so daft - it's a barber shop! See this little barber shop pole over on the left? Silly me. The shape of this building gets me every time. Who built it? What was it for? It looks like someone lopped off the top of some old house somewhere and set it down here.


I have no idea what this building is, but I needed to turn my car around so I used its parking lot to do so. There weren't any cars parked  there. I didn't see any signs. Will need to check it out next time I go past. But someone took the time to tape up all those small pieces of paper in the windows, instead of using sheets of paper or something. Interesting.


I love this house. I don't know if anyone lives there - I never see a car there. But maybe they're just at work when I pass. I love that it's missing its porch roof.  I love how it needs to be painted. I want to know more about this house.


It took me forever to get my license and car tag taken care of - just did that this month. Took me from, what? October? until now. Sounds impossible, I know, but every time I thought I had all the correct papers, I found out there was one more document I had to order. But now I'm legal and I'm looking forward to exploring this area of the state. I need a good map...

Dark Cycle Clothing

I saw this t-shirt on Etsy and thought it'd be perfect for Miss V, who is fascinated by anatomy and reads her DK First Human Body Encyclopedia like it was Goodnight Moon.


So I convo'd them about making it in her size and on a white t-shirt instead of red because I didn't want it to be too graphic for my 4-year-old.

V in heart shirt

It took them a couple of weeks because they had to "order a blank" (wasn't sure what that meant, but I trusted that they did!) and shrink it down to her size. I got it in a 5T so she'll be sure to be able to wear it for a long time. It was here right in time for Valentine's Day!

V in heart shirt2

I think it's adorable - especially with a cute, frilly pink skirt! Am I a dork, or what?

The story of Hatchling Cat

V was telling me this story yesterday and wanted me to take pictures of her while she was telling it.

sweet kitten 001

There was a mama cat who laid an egg and inside was a kitten.

sweet kitten 004

The egg hatched and this was a new kind of cat - Hatchling Cat.

sweet kitten 008

She is a very special cat who goes on lots of adventures.

sweet kitten 009

Hatchling Cat is probably yellow with white stripes and probably has green eyes with white stripes.

sweet kitten 014

Hatchling Cat's favorite food is people food and every time the Hatchling Cat asks for food, the Hatchling Cat eats a person's food!

sweet kitten 044

What's the Hatchling Cat going to eat? A carrot!

The end.

Handspun yarn, hand-written cards, & soon-to-be homemade brownies

I make a lot of lists. And I throw a lot of lists away (usually after V has found the list and colored all over it added to it). I just tore out a bunch of lists from my spiral notebook and now it's looking mighty thin. I love a good notebook of fresh paper and a nice pen. Yum.

I'm thinking of doing a yarn giveaway sometime in the next week or two, so if you like yarn you might want to check back on that.

Did I mention that R got a new job? It's been a little lot chaotic around here the past couple of months, but the new job is looking wonderful and we're very excited about it.

I've reconnected with an old friend who calls me Clementine. I like that. I call her Penelope. I was thinking of that when I named this yarn, many months ago. I need to make more of that yarn; it was very pretty.

today i'm recording stats

Stats! I just now wrote the stats down on 3 yarns while V drew cards for 3 of her cousins. She wrote the names on two of them - this is the first real interest she's shown in writing, so that's exciting. She thought the third cousin has too long of a name, so she drew a circle and colored it blue instead.

I need to dye wool today and I need to go to the grocery store. I'm not sure either of those things are going to happen. Instead I'm thinking of making the Best Cocoa Brownies today. Don't you think that sounds like a better idea? I know V does.

Welcome Spring!

V is very excited for spring. It was nice and warm outside yesterday!

handspun yarn 015

So swinging at her Granddaddy's house was definitely in order.

handspun yarn 005

She also got to plant some seeds with her Aunt Juliana. I think we're going to have to have a very small garden ourselves this year.

handspun yarn 020

Maybe I can get V to pick the bugs/wormies off the leaves because I don't really like that part. But homegrown tomatoes? Oh yes!

What are your plans for spring? Anything I should know about/add to my to-do list?

Missing Wylie

It's been almost a year since our cat Wylie passed away. And more than a year since V started pretending that she is a cat every day. She's normally such a happy little girl.

But occasionally she'll tear up when she thinks of Wylie. Then, like a dummy, I played the song Senor El Gato for her from a CD that we have. She wanted to hear it over and again.

pensive V

There's a part in the song where the cat dies, but then comes back to life because of the smell of fish in the air. It's a purposely sad song with an unrealistic happy ending. Wylie can't come back, and so this song makes her cry. At a mere 4 years old she tells me that she likes listening to the song because it reminds her of Wylie and makes her cry.

I don't know what to think about that. Part of me wants to tell her to stop it and forbid her from listening to the song if it's going to upset her. I feel like my child shouldn't have a care in the world for several more years to come. But a larger part of me thinks that it's better to feel your feelings fully than to stuff them away.

So I put a limit of twice on the song when she wanted to hear it this morning. I told her that missing Wylie hurts, but one day it won't hurt so much and the good memories would be stronger than the bad. I hugged her and let her cry. Then we played some happy music and sang along.

And now she's upstairs playing happily with her train set.

(And just for the record, I wasn't taking pictures of her while talking about Wylie - no no no - this was later and there are quite a few others in the set where she's smiling. I just like this shot.)

No. 1A Kodak Jr.

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into an antique store to look around. I found lots of fun things - like a little red plastic spinning wheel about 12 inches tall. It was a toy for kids and the box said that it really works. It was funny, quite the novelty item, but I didn't buy it.

I also found some old bobbins and a set of hand carders that had once been used in spinning cotton, but I didn't get those either.

There were some old wooden spools of thread. I always think they're so pretty. They were very inexpensive, but I left them there for someone else to find.

They also had a red glass vase that would match the one I have from my grandmother. I thought I might get that so I'd have a matching set, but then I saw this:

No. 1-A Autographic Kodak Jr. 279

It's a No. 1A Autographic Kodak Jr. camera - for sale for $2.

No. 1-A Autographic Kodak Jr. 242

They don't make the film for it anymore. I'll have to modify another kind of film to see if it works. But I don't care. Because even if it doesn't work or I never get around to it - look at it! It's glorious.

Inside, the last date for patents it has printed is 1921. This little fold-down part on the back is where the "autographic" comes in. The film that was made for the camera had a layer of carbon paper and after you took a shot, you could just open this window, take out the little stylus, and write notes onto the film. Handy, yes?

No. 1-A Autographic Kodak Jr. 267

Mine still has its stylus - a very stylish piece of metal!

No. 1-A Autographic Kodak Jr. 271

I need to clean her up and read all about how to modify the film. I'm so excited!

No. 1-A Autographic Kodak Jr. 252

Do you have any old cameras around your house? Do you use them? I'd love to see photos!

I found a second camera at the shop that I also bought. I'll tell you about that one another day.

Have a great week!

Family Time

When we hit that point in V's young life where she no longer wanted to go to bed at the appointed time, I knew I had to think of something good - she doesn't trick, this girl.

family time

So now we have Family Time - a half hour of whatever quiet activity V wants that we all give our full attention to, sandwiched nicely between getting ready for bed and her usual bedtime routine.

We color

play with tracing paper

build with blocks and/or the train set

put puzzles together

play Balloon Bop

snuggle on the sofa with a video

just talk and laugh

These are things we'd do anyway, but somehow giving it this name has elevated it in all our minds. Family Time makes us all happier. Life is good.

Any fiber dyers in the house?

I have a special project coming up soon and I will be in need of a couple of fiber dyers (not yarn though, just fiber). If you are an ace fiber dyer and would like some steady work coming up in the next 1-3 months (and for the next year or so) please send me an email: springtreeroad (at) yahoo (dot) com. Whether you're an established shop or just getting started, it's ok with me - if you're interested just send me a note and I'll explain everything.


Today I'm...

I started a little photo album on my Facebook Fan Page called Today I'm... Going to put in daily-ish photos of what's going on in my little fiber studio.

So, today I'm...

llama llama red pajama

...opening a package from a friend. When I told Nikki that I'd never worked with llama before, she generously offered to send some to me. Really made my day.

(If you'd like some of your own llama wool to try out, you can find it in Diantha's shop - that's Nikki's daughter.)

Only 10 days, 11 hours, 16 minutes to go!

Did you know it's almost Pi Day? Math geeks & math dolts (like me) alike love Pi Day! Why? Well for the geeks, it's a good chance to revel in the wonderfulness of an unending number (ok, so it's not exactly a number - it's "the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter" but, dude, I don't really know what that means so you'll have to cut me some slack. I told you I was a math dolt! Lizi? You there? Help me out, girl!)!

Ahem... For me, it's just a good excuse to bake a pie. I might even try cutting out a little π in the crust just for fun.

I looked around for some things on Etsy that might make Pi Day even more enjoyable.

My friend Kim makes these cute little Pi guys!


I also found custom made Pi Keds.


Here's a nice looking Pi wallet:


Or a t-shirt for your little math geek in training:


What about you? Do you celebrate Pi Day at your house? What sorts of things do you do? This will be our first year celebrating and I want to do it up right!