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It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday - this week is flying by! I'm already looking forward to the weekend. We'll be planting this.


I got the golden raspberry bush because it said that it fruits twice - in the summer and in the autumn. And because I figure I can buy silly old red raspberries any time. If I'm going to do the work to plant food to eat and flowers to smell, I like them to be a little outside the norm.

This is spearmint.


I got it because my grandparents always had it growing in a little spot outside their house. I loved crushing the leaves and smelling them. Mmmm-mmm. Occasionally, the spearmint would get out of control and my grandfather would mow them over, which always made my grandmother mad. I love spearmint.

We're having a small visitor for a few weeks - Flat Stanley has come to call. Among my weekend plans are to take him out and about.

Have you started making weekend plans yet? What's going on in your neck of the woods?

P.S. I'm changing my banner a day early because I won't be here tomorrow. And because I'm really looking forward to April! I'm tired of the dirt and snow on my blog. Ha ha.

P.S.S. The winner of the book is Kim. Congratulations!


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I wasn't going to do any seed starting in my kitchen.... but I just might have to - been seeing a lot of green buds and it's making me want to grow something.

Raspberries are awesome to have, I know there are some wild ones in my yard, it's just hard to get to them before the wildlife does.

And spearmint is fantastic, too! As invasive as it usually is - mine hasn't spread too far. It's really great to have growing for summer teas.

Can't wait to see your new banner.


too early to plant here yet but I can't wait. love the new banner I too am tired of snow and slush


Mmmm, raspberries and mint!

I love your April banner. It is gray and chilly here and not at all spring-like. :(

Jude Cowell

Such a great banner for Spring, Maya!

Mint On


Love the plants ~ both are my favorites! Love the new banner too, very spring!

Fighting Windmills

Your new blog header is lovely! Logan and I planted some seeds this afternoon because he just could not wait any longer. I love the mint too. I remember that smell right outside our backdoor.

Porch Days

I've never heard of golden raspberries! Good luck with your plants. Be sure to plant the mint in a closed container like a bucket or it will take over the yard.

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