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The story of Hatchling Cat

V was telling me this story yesterday and wanted me to take pictures of her while she was telling it.

sweet kitten 001

There was a mama cat who laid an egg and inside was a kitten.

sweet kitten 004

The egg hatched and this was a new kind of cat - Hatchling Cat.

sweet kitten 008

She is a very special cat who goes on lots of adventures.

sweet kitten 009

Hatchling Cat is probably yellow with white stripes and probably has green eyes with white stripes.

sweet kitten 014

Hatchling Cat's favorite food is people food and every time the Hatchling Cat asks for food, the Hatchling Cat eats a person's food!

sweet kitten 044

What's the Hatchling Cat going to eat? A carrot!

The end.


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Very cute...she has great expressions, tee hee!

Jamie :)


Oh, maya, she is so, so cute! I love the faces she's making as she tells the story!


Way too cute and her expressions are simply priceless!


completely adorable.
both the story and your daughter. love it!

Kelly (thegreenknitter)

SOOOOOO cute!!!

And so super creative :)

Jude Cowell

good tale by a photogenic lass!


That's adorable! I love the anatomy shirt too...

rachel whetzel



this is what makes little people so wonderful. great story, thanks for sharing!

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