Missing Wylie
Handspun yarn, hand-written cards, & soon-to-be homemade brownies

Welcome Spring!

V is very excited for spring. It was nice and warm outside yesterday!

handspun yarn 015

So swinging at her Granddaddy's house was definitely in order.

handspun yarn 005

She also got to plant some seeds with her Aunt Juliana. I think we're going to have to have a very small garden ourselves this year.

handspun yarn 020

Maybe I can get V to pick the bugs/wormies off the leaves because I don't really like that part. But homegrown tomatoes? Oh yes!

What are your plans for spring? Anything I should know about/add to my to-do list?


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what gorgeous pictures!
hooray for spring!


She is one happy-looking little girl! I love the joy kids get from swinging.
Wishing we had enough warmth to plant something - but I do have a few early bulbs coming up near the house, which is always encouraging :)

Jude Cowell

great photos.


oh what joy!!!
thank your for sharing it!


Oh my gosh, V looks so happy! What great captures these are!

Yum to homegrown tomatoes! We have a very, very tiny veggie garden each year. I always grown tomatoes, and I also grow peas. My kids like to eat them right out of the pods. I want to try growing cucumbers this year, too. They are so expensive in the stores around here. Hopefully I can find some space for them!


We got DIRTY this past weekend. That's what spring is to me... playing in the mud and dirt and getting grass stains on your pants.

I'm totally loving your pictures. She's a peach! (And I love the chucks!)


Happy Spring!


Spring!! I feel like I can breathe again!


What fun! We started our indoor herb garden today and hope to start our flower garden tomorrow!

Mary Smith

Swinging is just one of the best things. Especially swinging in Spring!

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