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A study of paws

Roxy is almost a year old now and she's still quite petite. I love this about her. Most of the cats I've had have grown pretty big.


A few months ago, she entered what I call her teenage years. She stopped wanting to be held or petted so much. She really just wants to do what she wants to do and not much else.


The other day, I cleaned the bathtub with her sitting on my back.


(I love how some of her paw pads are black and some are pink)

But for about a week now, she's been sitting with me at the computer in the morning while I check my email. She curls up on my chest and takes a little catnap.


I've found that the teenage years usually last until they're around 2 or so. But I'm hoping hers won't go on quite so long.


I love the sweet, sleepy kitty snuggles.


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rachel whetzel

I love her crinked whiskers in that last photo!! What a cutie.


Too cute!!! Our doggie is like that and she loves for you to rub her paws and pads, which is very usual for a dog.


Awww, send some of those sweet kittie snuggles this way!


My cat is ten now and she's quite petite. She's one of the few cats that I've had that has a tail, which I find gets in the way quite a bit. (My other cats were Manxes). Yours is just adorable. Love the soft little kitty paws.


wow, those are amazing photos of your kitteh! i wanna play patty cake with those paws! i'm feeling a little sleepy now, think i'll take a cat nap...


oh how outrageously adorable! on your back while you clean the tub? relish it!

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