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I'm going with wild and free

So here it is, my little lump of yarn, all plied up. What do you think?

v handspun yarn 055

Wonderfully wild and free?

v handspun yarn 062

Or just a big ol' mess of what-the-heck?

v handspun yarn 072

I can see both sides of that argument, but I'm going with wild and free. Because that's how it feels to create such a thing.

Don't know if you can see it well enough, but that fluff of green there poofing out from the red is part of a Romney lock. That's my favorite part.

v handspun yarn 083

It's only about 34 yards. I'm thinking I'll save it and make a few more crazy carded batts to spin as I go along. Then I'll make something with them all. And then I'll share, of course.

Will it work?

A couple of months ago, I came into possession of a teeny, tiny bit of fluff from the wonderful and oh-so-talented Lacey, a fellow fiberista whose Etsy shop is called Moonrover.

handspun yarn 083

It's just .55 ounces, so I spun it as thin as I could.

handspun yarn 091

Then I gathered almost an ounce of my own scrap wools that I have saved over the past couple of months, carded them together, and spun that batt as thin as I could get it.

handspun yarn 085

Next I plied the two yarns together. This isn't the type of yarn I usually spin, but I just really wanted to see what the final effect would be. Will they work together? I dunno - we'll find out next time.

V found the bandaids

I tried to hide them from her.

V found the bandaids 002

She'll use them for "cuts" and "scrapes" and "really, really hurty boo boos" until they're gone. And then when she needs one...

Hey - I'm starting a newsletter for my handspun yarn & fibers shop so I can announce specials and sales and things of that sort. There's a subscribe form over in the right sidebar. Now if I can only fix it so it's not getting cut off on the right.


...and four extras

Still in downtown Acworth...

Love the old advertisements that are painted on the sides of brick buildings. This one is for Coca-Cola. Yep, I'm a Coke snob. I don't drink a lot of sodas, but if I'm going to have one, I'd prefer a Coke product.


Love this door handle! Trying to imagine what it took to create that. I'm sure the sparks were flyin'!

door handle

It seems I've already killed my raspberry bush. I'm so sad! It's nice that other people have green thumbs - I really dig these hanging plants.

hanging baskets

Why doesn't my mailbox look like this? It really should. Everyone in my neighborhood has the exact same black mailbox. Perhaps I should lead a revolt?


Looks like our Farmer's Market will start up again toward the end of May. It's on Fridays. Since I definitely do not have a green thumb, I'm thinking V and I will have to make it a weekly event to pick up some delicious local fruits and veggies.

Two buildings

When I saw this building in downtown Acworth, my first thought was that is so cute, I want to pop it in my mouth! This is the way I feel about old buildings - they look like candy to me.

two buildings 1

My second thought was that I would like to buy it and convert it into a home. I would want to paint it a different color (pale, pale turquoise with white trim?) or get that paint off altogether. And get new windows. And attach windowboxes with purple pansies and sweet potato vines. Inside I want some of those wonderful tin panels for the ceiling, hardwood floors, a big clawfoot tub, and every room a different, happy color. Wonder if you could have a garden spot on that roof? Once I do all that, I'll invite y'all over for some sweet iced tea.

It's a worthy dream, yes?

This building is next door. It's like it matches, but it doesn't. It's cute too and I love the unusual shape. I wonder if they've always been painted and what the brick underneath would look like instead of the paint.

two buildings 2

I've heard that they're about to do some work on the downtown area - making it even prettier. I can't wait to see it!

Three houses

We went to downtown Acworth on Sunday afternoon. These three houses are across the street/railroad tracks. I don't think it gets any cuter than these three houses all in row.

This one has a white & pink dogwood tree in front of it. So pretty! I love the porch. I'd like to sit there and knit with a glass of sweet tea by my side.

v 3 houses 035

I wonder how the residents feel about the train passing in front of their homes. I'm about a mile from the train tracks and I hear it all day long. I find the sound comforting, always have, but then it doesn't pass right outside my front door.

This house has a great porch for relaxing too.

v 3 houses 034

Love the pale yellow! Would love to see what the house looks like inside. I imagine hardwood floors. I'd have to furnish it with vintage finds.

v 3 houses 032

See the train tracks at the bottom of the picture? Would love to see pictures of these houses from when they were first built!

People I have known: Lisa

My grandparents started out owning two lots in their neighborhood. They built a house on one, but eventually sold the other and a house was built on it by someone else. By the time I had any awareness of it, it was a rental. People came and went, but for a while there was a family who lived there. An older son - I think his name was Steve - a middle daughter, Lisa, and a younger son, Kenny.

Lisa was two years older than I. I used to go to my grandfather's garden in the backyard and wish really hard for Lisa to come outside. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. The fence between the two properties was just wire and it was easy enough to slip through, finally off on an adventure. Some of the other kids in the neighborhood didn't like Lisa. I'm not sure why - they told me not to hang out with her, that she was trouble.

Maybe they knew something about her I didn't, but what I remember was helping her with her paper route. Wrapping up the papers, putting a rubber band around them, and then riding my bike behind her as she delivered them. I remember sneaking into the pool at the apartment complex down the street on hot summer days. If asked, I was to say she was my sister and she would tell them which apartment we lived in.

I thought Lisa was beautiful. Straight dark hair with bangs. Cute little freckles on her nose. In 1978, I wanted straight hair and freckles on my nose. My stupid wavy hair never stayed behind my ears.

Renee and Lisa

That's Renee on the left and Lisa on the right. On the back of the photo it says March 1979.

I don't remember anything about her parents, except that someone (her dad?) traveled out of the country and brought back a box of chocolate-covered ants and grasshoppers. We all sat around the kitchen and grossed out over them.

One day, my brother and I went into Lisa's house. Her older brother had just made his closet into a shrine to KISS. There was a record player playing loudly and the closet walls were covered in tin foil and posters. I'd seen KISS on TV and thought they were scary, so I was nervous right away. When Steve stabbed a knife through the wall from the outside of the closet barely missing my brother, I grabbed him and ran. I remember purposely not going in the house again if I knew Steve was home.

Eventually the family moved. I missed them terribly. Lisa was often around when I was the most lonely; she hung out with me when the other kids in the neighborhood couldn't or wouldn't. Just like Ivy, I've looked for her around the internet, on Facebook. Haven't found her, and I wonder where and how she is.

When I think of Lisa, I see stars. Stars from the 70s - bicentennial stars painted on her cheeks. I don't know why. I see stars on her cheeks and the wind blowing in her long hair as she's riding her bike, trying to get home before the sun sets. When I think of Lisa, I think of everything that was cool about being a kid in the 70s.

Trying new things

This is some naturally colored cotton. Isn't it pretty?

natural cotton 099

Ok, I'm just a little bit intimidated by it. But I'm going to try spinning it very soon. Just need to read up on spinning cotton a bit.

Here is something else I'm trying out - baby wraps. It's mohair and silk - lighter than air.

Lace Baby Wrap Purple 001

It feels like I never get to knit anymore, so I was looking for a small project and decided on knitting up a few of these and seeing how they do in the shop. Photographers use them as props for newborn baby photo shoots, wrapped around like a cocoon. There are plenty of people who have entire Etsy shops full of the most gorgeous photo props. I'm not really trying to go in that direction; I couldn't possibly keep up. I just thought I might like to do something a little different now and again. We'll see how that works. I have a pink one and a blue one done too, just need to photograph them.

I like to try new things - keeps life interesting. I'm also hoping to try developing my own black and white film sometime this year summer. I've been getting the lowdown from CMV.

So, what's new with you? What are you finding wonderful and inspiring this spring?

Guess who wants to be a vet when she grows up?

We were at the vet last week (and will be again on Friday - Miss Kitty needs a teeth cleaning) and there was a dog there wearing an Elizabethan collar.

V was very interested in the hows and whys of this dog needing such a funny thing.

Saturday morning, I woke up to this poor kitty in my face.

elizabethan collar 002

And she just brought her to me again. Poor kitty, wearing her canning funnel Elizabethan collar.

That kid cracks me up.

A few words before I attack the mountain...

Is it warm where you live yet? It's pretty warm here. So we've been out in the backyard.


It's making me sneeze, but I love watching V putter around, digging in the dirt. And then I "time" her while she runs from one end to the other - she's fast as the wind!

A few weeks ago, I sent a skein of my yarn to Cindy and Mat - they have a new knitting-and-things podcast called MustStashYo. They talk about my yarn in episode 8, if you'd like to check it out. I'm looking forward to seeing what Cindy makes with it.

I let them choose which yarn they wanted from my shop and they chose one in my colorway PrairyErth.

PrairyErth 001

I named this colorway after a book by William Least Heat-Moon. I really like his books.

Today my house is a mess! There, I said it. Mountains of laundry, dirty dishes, no food in the fridge. Time for me to get to work...and try not to think about the fresh, new film that came in the mail for my old camera the other day.

A study of paws

Roxy is almost a year old now and she's still quite petite. I love this about her. Most of the cats I've had have grown pretty big.


A few months ago, she entered what I call her teenage years. She stopped wanting to be held or petted so much. She really just wants to do what she wants to do and not much else.


The other day, I cleaned the bathtub with her sitting on my back.


(I love how some of her paw pads are black and some are pink)

But for about a week now, she's been sitting with me at the computer in the morning while I check my email. She curls up on my chest and takes a little catnap.


I've found that the teenage years usually last until they're around 2 or so. But I'm hoping hers won't go on quite so long.


I love the sweet, sleepy kitty snuggles.