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Two buildings

Three houses

We went to downtown Acworth on Sunday afternoon. These three houses are across the street/railroad tracks. I don't think it gets any cuter than these three houses all in row.

This one has a white & pink dogwood tree in front of it. So pretty! I love the porch. I'd like to sit there and knit with a glass of sweet tea by my side.

v 3 houses 035

I wonder how the residents feel about the train passing in front of their homes. I'm about a mile from the train tracks and I hear it all day long. I find the sound comforting, always have, but then it doesn't pass right outside my front door.

This house has a great porch for relaxing too.

v 3 houses 034

Love the pale yellow! Would love to see what the house looks like inside. I imagine hardwood floors. I'd have to furnish it with vintage finds.

v 3 houses 032

See the train tracks at the bottom of the picture? Would love to see pictures of these houses from when they were first built!


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Great post! I agree about filling the homes with vintage finds. You know what is so awesome about these homes, there they are by the rr tracks, yet the homeowners obviously take great pride and delight in their little abodes! Just goes to show you it doesn't matter where you live, it's 'how' you live.

Mousy Brown

They are so lovely - the dogwood is particulary gorgeous...Trains that close? I guess they would have to love them, I do hope so...:D


Sweet houses! I love the sound of trains too - when we were little we'd sometimes spend a week at my Grandma's house in Swannanoa - and the train went by in front of her house - we'd count all the cars during the day - and then at night it would wake us up - but after just a few days - we slept through the night-time trains - it's amazing how quickly you get used to something...


I loves those cute houses! And such great porches they have.

Sosae Caetano

Oh, I just love architecture from different parts of the country! It's like a glimpse into another world... More more! :)


Oh they are so pretty! I grew up next to a railway line and I miss the sound of the trains now.


Those are very cute! I always love the look of front porches and wonder if they are used.


oooh how i'd love to be sitting in that rocking chair on that porch! beautiful!

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