Three houses
...and four extras

Two buildings

When I saw this building in downtown Acworth, my first thought was that is so cute, I want to pop it in my mouth! This is the way I feel about old buildings - they look like candy to me.

two buildings 1

My second thought was that I would like to buy it and convert it into a home. I would want to paint it a different color (pale, pale turquoise with white trim?) or get that paint off altogether. And get new windows. And attach windowboxes with purple pansies and sweet potato vines. Inside I want some of those wonderful tin panels for the ceiling, hardwood floors, a big clawfoot tub, and every room a different, happy color. Wonder if you could have a garden spot on that roof? Once I do all that, I'll invite y'all over for some sweet iced tea.

It's a worthy dream, yes?

This building is next door. It's like it matches, but it doesn't. It's cute too and I love the unusual shape. I wonder if they've always been painted and what the brick underneath would look like instead of the paint.

two buildings 2

I've heard that they're about to do some work on the downtown area - making it even prettier. I can't wait to see it!


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that first one is like a face! i too dream of buying a building downtown and taking up residence - garden roof and all.


That is a worthy dream indeed. I can totally picture it. Can't wait to come over and visit.


I love old buildings. They have so much character. Yes, I would be right over to join you for that iced tea!

Jude Cowell

The 2nd one is my you know what's in it now? It looks like a cool apartment building w/ maybe 2 apts, upper and lower!

Sosae Caetano

Okay, you buy the first one, and I'll move into the second one! How beautiful! I'm with you - I always look for unusual buildings, and the first thing I think of is, I'd love to live there! Maybe that's why I've lived for 5+ years in a really lovely office building... Still happy I'm moving though! At least I can always say, I lived in an unusual dream space, though after 5 years it's not so dreamy. :) PS: More architecture pics! Can't get enough...

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

I love how much you love old buildings... and I especially love the stories you make up to go with them.

You are so fun. :-)


Those pictures are great. When I saw the 2nd one, I thought it looked like eyebrows over the windows. Then I went back to the 1st one and thought the trim near the roof looks like a really short bangs haircut.

Reminded me of a house I saw once... rummaged through pictures... Well, if red/white/black is similar... that's how my memory works - here's the link -


it IS like candy! wonderful!

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