Oh baby!
Loop love

And she didn't even get the mud on her white shirt

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So we made our hummingbird food (4 parts water, 1 part sugar, dissolved. No honey. No artificial color.) and hung it in the backyard on a shepherd's hook. But I didn't take any pictures of it. I had yarn to photograph and then V actually let me photograph her in a way that made me happy. These days she's not usually so cooperative (which is fine; I understand).

She will often happily let me photograph the silly faces she makes or with something in front of her face.

v 163

Sometimes I can catch her without something in front of her face, though.

v 121

And occasionally I'll catch her just being her.

v 192

Those are my favorite shots.

v2 202

Sometimes ... oh so rarely ... she'll give me a smile and I'll snap it quickly for as long as it lasts.

v 148

Those are my favorite times.

v 156

And then I'll take pictures of whatever she wants me to photograph, so we can print it out later for her collection.

v 198

I'm already seeing her face change into what it's going to look like next. I don't so much see it in real life, but will catch a glimpse of it in a photo.

v 087

It fascinates me.


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Beautiful pictures! And so much fun to capture all those special moments.


I love the way you captured this day!!!! :)


oh what beautiful pictures.
i appreciate the patience it takes to get such quality pictures from a young lady who likes to make her own choices.


I would pay good money for V's soft curls!

Jude Cowell

Well you know her face (so like yours) fascinates me too! Great snaps, M.


Oh, she's so beautiful, Maya. She is growing and changing. She's losing the baby face. So is A. It breaks my heart.


oh maya you are such a wonderful mama, and such a fabulous photographer! V will absolutely cherish these photos as she grows up and looks back at them- and we are cherishing them right this very minute!


Those are so sweeT!


These are great, Maya! V is such a cutie!

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