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Bones -n- Gristles

There was one of these things in the parking lot of the gas station where we stopped for our peaches last weekend. Do they have these where you live?

bones n gristles 052

It's a smoker, for BBQ. Let me confess that though I've seen these my whole life, I've never eaten BBQ cooked in one at a roadside stand. My mama doesn't like BBQ.

bones n gristles 055

It smelled really good, though. I'm not eating (much) meat these days but the smell still gets to me (I'm trying y'all, I'm really trying). It hits me directly in the Southern spot of my brain. Put a plate in front of me and I'd be all over it like white on rice, baby.

bones n gristles 051

Nom nom nom. Except we didn't. We thought about it. Because Bones -n- Gristles? That's some kinda bad ass name for a roadside BBQ stand in Neverheardofit, Georgia. Don't even think about the inspection number - you know they've got to have some good tasting BBQ to have the guts to name their business Bones -n- Gristles. Ribs and pulled pork and soft white bread and Brunswick stew and corn on the cob...

But the peaches we got are good. Very tasty, juicy, fresh. And so much healthier. And that's where I need to be, in the healthy food aisle.




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Oh. Man. Yes, I've seen cookers like that my whole life too, and it always smells so good and. Yes. Talk about appealing to sense memory.

I'm with you on the name, though. Makes me grin, but in that, not sure I'd reaaally want to eat there kind of way.


Right! Good for you! I don't know, that name just turns me off. You're right, they must have some tasty food to be brave enough to name the place that!


I do miss bbq too. But it is so, so bad for you. Our's is beef (brisket), not pork. Have you had beef bbq?

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

Ah man, I would be all over that place.

There's nothing quite like food cooked in something that looks like that... Jerked Chicken, Bahamian BBQ, and American BBQ... Texas or Southern. It's all good. Especially with potato salad on the side, tea or lemonade to wash it down and a box of wet naps to clean you up after.

No, it's probably not good for your heart, but it's certainly good for your soul.

Jude Cowell

Yes, peaches! Yo mama likes BBQ okay but BBQ doesn't like her! Great photos, M.


Right ;)

Jamie :)


I've never seen one of those in NY!

I'm craving pulled pork now...


Bones n Gristles...That name totally makes me want to eat there! That crazy smoker contraption just about seals the deal.

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