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I'm working on a few changes here, trying to get everything together in a more together sort of way. Soonish, springtreeroad.com will become my landing page & the blog will have a different address. It won't happen tomorrow, but it'll happen soon.

To celebrate, I'll have a giveaway. Maybe just on the newsletter, maybe not. Haven't decided yet. 

And how are you? Good? If you're kind enough to leave me a comment today, I'll swing by and see what's going on with you on your blog. I've always enjoyed emailing people back when they leave me comments, but lately that hasn't been possible. Hours in the day and all that (though of course I read them! And I love them!). And I haven't been reading a lot of blogs either. I miss both those things.

And my backyard is full of weeds. Most of them aren't this pretty, but this one is.

a weed 128

So that's my story, Morning Glory. Now I'm off to take pictures and dye some wool...


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Mousy Brown

Hi Maya - my parcel arrived and the creme is beautiful! Thank you so much for this giveaway - the package made my day! :D Good luck with your changes I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


How exciting! Love your pretty weed!

Fighting Windmills

I think having a landing page is an excellent idea. My children and I have become care-takers of the pond in our yard. We found a neat water-garden center where we can buy tadpoles (they don't mature into frogs for 2 years!) and snails and goldfish (we have to buy the kind that can make fast getaways since we have so many cats in our neighborhood) and aquatic plants. We are happy to have fun reasons to be outside. They also want a swing set. Our yard is full of weeds too. The violets a few weeks ago were nice.


Is it really a weed if it's pretty and you don't mind it being there?

I hear you on the "hours in the day."

Sosae Caetano

That's a weed?! All the weeds around here are brown and prickly. :) Gonna send you an email right now!


We've had germs. But the weather has been awesome. So we've germed outside.

I miss you, my friend. But I understand. Just know I'm thinking of you!

By the way, the colors of your latest yarns are WONDERFUL! Love them all.


Sounds like you are keeping busy! Good busy though. We are doing well too. Not much time to blog anymore. This house is a lot harder to take care of than the apartments eh?
Miss our emails back and forth! :)


Love the May banner! :)


well who ever saw such a pretty weed? honestly, maya in your world over there everything is gorgeous!

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