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FROG jam & such

Saturday we went out for a bit to try something new. On the way home we stopped by this little roadside stand.

roadside stand 050

Now I'm wishing I'd have bought some of the green peanuts so I could make my own boiled peanuts. I've never made my own before, but I'm willing to try it. And I love love love boiled peanuts. Yum.

roadside stand 058

They also had these salt roasted, but we didn't get any of those either.

roadside stand 068

Goodness gracious, I love me some okra! My favorite way to eat it is lightly roasted in the oven with a little salt and olive oil. Oh my. We didn't get any okra though. Totally regretting that right now.

roadside stand 063

We did get some South Georgia-grown peaches though. A roadside stand is the best place for peaches, in my opinion. Somehow the ones from the grocery store aren't as tasty. Maybe it's my imagination. There used to be a place I went nearish my mom's that had peaches for sale, all kinds of jam, and sold their own homemade peach ice cream. Glorious. Looks like they're still around. Hmmm...

roadside stand 065

Peach jam. As much as I love it, we only had so much cash and we let V pick. She didn't want the peach jam.

roadside stand 059

She didn't want the FROG jam either. That would've been nice.

roadside stand 062

She wanted the local honey, with honeycomb in the jar. But I didn't take a picture of that.

Go figure!


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Jude Cowell

Sounds fun! Funny that i got you some jam to bring along...not telling what kind though. And yes, you really should've gotten the okra. Definitely.

maya | springtree road

one should always get the okra. ;)


My girls love honey with the honeycomb. :)

Boy, that ALL looks good!!


I do love peanuts - but even when we lived in the deep south and saw them on roadside stands everywhere - I never could manage to eat the boiled peanuts...

The jam sounds yummy though...

Sandra Olensky

Hi Maya, I love boiled peanuts too! I find that steamed edamame (lightly salted) reminds me of boiled peanuts. I would LOVE to have some of that peach jam, how delish! You guys do some really fun things. Hugs to You, H and V :)


I've never had boiled peanuts or okra! I would love to try okra, but never see it in the stores around here.


I've always wanted to try boiled peanuts. I'm thinking family road trip to Georgia!


OMG! I would have jumped all over that figgy ginger frog jam.

Recently I was at a Japanese restaurant and they brought out boiled peanuts instead of edamame. I know...strange. But they wash down good with sake. Probably just as good as a co-cola.

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