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I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!

When my brother was a kidlet he used to say, "I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!" and then he'd jump around all over the furniture like a cat. After a while he'd say, "I think I'll turn into ... myregularself!" and then he'd start acting "normally."

I know I've said before that V pretends to be a different cat every day - sometimes several different cats throughout the day. So a lot of times she just calls herself "The Cat." This reminds me of my little brother and I think it's sweet.

So V took her camera around today, took a bunch of pictures of our cats, and insisted that she'd made a movie, I put the photos together with my handy dandy Windows Movie Maker and here's the result. We hope you enjoy it!


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Jude Cowell

a Fabulous movie premiere by...The Cat! ;p


love it!
somewhere in my basement is my photo album from childhood, it's filled with photos of my cats running away from me while i tried to take their picture.
v's movie is fantastic!!


That was fun! I love the kitty on the stairs!


This was good stuff by The Cat!
I am all smiles.


:D Good job, V! (er… um… The Cat!)

Sosae Caetano

Wow V! I see directorship in your future! :))


So funny, and cute. ;)


That is so cute! V must have been so proud when you made them into a movie.


Fantastic V!


Budding photographer? :) These are cute! I've been giving Lex my camera on occasion (when the others are asleep... I can't trust Miss Caly with it, for sure)... and we've found some interesting ones. I love the perspective of kids :) Good idea for a movie!

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