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Bones -n- Gristles

There was one of these things in the parking lot of the gas station where we stopped for our peaches last weekend. Do they have these where you live?

bones n gristles 052

It's a smoker, for BBQ. Let me confess that though I've seen these my whole life, I've never eaten BBQ cooked in one at a roadside stand. My mama doesn't like BBQ.

bones n gristles 055

It smelled really good, though. I'm not eating (much) meat these days but the smell still gets to me (I'm trying y'all, I'm really trying). It hits me directly in the Southern spot of my brain. Put a plate in front of me and I'd be all over it like white on rice, baby.

bones n gristles 051

Nom nom nom. Except we didn't. We thought about it. Because Bones -n- Gristles? That's some kinda bad ass name for a roadside BBQ stand in Neverheardofit, Georgia. Don't even think about the inspection number - you know they've got to have some good tasting BBQ to have the guts to name their business Bones -n- Gristles. Ribs and pulled pork and soft white bread and Brunswick stew and corn on the cob...

But the peaches we got are good. Very tasty, juicy, fresh. And so much healthier. And that's where I need to be, in the healthy food aisle.



FROG jam & such

Saturday we went out for a bit to try something new. On the way home we stopped by this little roadside stand.

roadside stand 050

Now I'm wishing I'd have bought some of the green peanuts so I could make my own boiled peanuts. I've never made my own before, but I'm willing to try it. And I love love love boiled peanuts. Yum.

roadside stand 058

They also had these salt roasted, but we didn't get any of those either.

roadside stand 068

Goodness gracious, I love me some okra! My favorite way to eat it is lightly roasted in the oven with a little salt and olive oil. Oh my. We didn't get any okra though. Totally regretting that right now.

roadside stand 063

We did get some South Georgia-grown peaches though. A roadside stand is the best place for peaches, in my opinion. Somehow the ones from the grocery store aren't as tasty. Maybe it's my imagination. There used to be a place I went nearish my mom's that had peaches for sale, all kinds of jam, and sold their own homemade peach ice cream. Glorious. Looks like they're still around. Hmmm...

roadside stand 065

Peach jam. As much as I love it, we only had so much cash and we let V pick. She didn't want the peach jam.

roadside stand 059

She didn't want the FROG jam either. That would've been nice.

roadside stand 062

She wanted the local honey, with honeycomb in the jar. But I didn't take a picture of that.

Go figure!

I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!

When my brother was a kidlet he used to say, "I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!" and then he'd jump around all over the furniture like a cat. After a while he'd say, "I think I'll turn into ... myregularself!" and then he'd start acting "normally."

I know I've said before that V pretends to be a different cat every day - sometimes several different cats throughout the day. So a lot of times she just calls herself "The Cat." This reminds me of my little brother and I think it's sweet.

So V took her camera around today, took a bunch of pictures of our cats, and insisted that she'd made a movie, I put the photos together with my handy dandy Windows Movie Maker and here's the result. We hope you enjoy it!

Look what you done for me

v sweetness and light 288

Yesterday morning, V was painting with her new watercolors. She pretty much used all her pink in one day, she was that excited to have it. She told me that she was going to start making paintings to sell on Etsy. Then she would make enough money that Daddy and I could work less and hug more.

Last night at dinner, one of my favorite songs came on. V says, "Oh yeah, that's my jam, baby!"

On Monday we went to the post office. The guy behind the counter saw V's drawn-on cat nose and whiskers and stated that it looked like I brought my kitty cat with me. V told him that this must be a post office that allows cats because they let her in and that she is a newborn kitten so she is very small.

My sweet baby girl. Look what you done for me - you set my heart free.

Loop love

I ordered this batt from Loop in April. Isn't it luscious? It's a pillow of lush.

Rustic spontaneous spinning batt from Loop 001

If I could make batts like this, I'm not sure I'd do anything else. Steph has a  mini-mill carding machine that can work all sorts of wonders.  Before this is all over, I'd love to visit her and see it in action.

Rustic spontaneous spinning batt from Loop 002

I'm going to spin it and make something for myself with it. And I never do that. I might have to spin/knit it at night, lest some sneaky 4-year-old give me her pitiful face until I decide to make something for her instead. She does that sometimes.

Rustic spontaneous spinning batt from Loop 003

It is unbelievably soft. Truly. You wouldn't believe it. I think I'm going to just keep it as it is for a little while - maybe snuggle with it on the sofa while I watch TV or something.

Yeah, I'm weird like that.

And she didn't even get the mud on her white shirt

If you'll be so kind as to visit my friend Sosae's blog, you can enter to win a giveaway for something in my shop - you get to choose. Plus I say a few things. A lot of things, really. I'm a talker. Yep.

So we made our hummingbird food (4 parts water, 1 part sugar, dissolved. No honey. No artificial color.) and hung it in the backyard on a shepherd's hook. But I didn't take any pictures of it. I had yarn to photograph and then V actually let me photograph her in a way that made me happy. These days she's not usually so cooperative (which is fine; I understand).

She will often happily let me photograph the silly faces she makes or with something in front of her face.

v 163

Sometimes I can catch her without something in front of her face, though.

v 121

And occasionally I'll catch her just being her.

v 192

Those are my favorite shots.

v2 202

Sometimes ... oh so rarely ... she'll give me a smile and I'll snap it quickly for as long as it lasts.

v 148

Those are my favorite times.

v 156

And then I'll take pictures of whatever she wants me to photograph, so we can print it out later for her collection.

v 198

I'm already seeing her face change into what it's going to look like next. I don't so much see it in real life, but will catch a glimpse of it in a photo.

v 087

It fascinates me.

Oh baby!

Look at this newborn beauty.

Lace baby wrap green mohair tafari 001

Gorgeous, isn't she?

When I started making the lace baby wraps, I knew I had to ask Tafari to take pictures for me. Because he's the best photographer I know. I first saw his work on Flickr and was amazed. He's the real thing, y'all.

So thanks to Tafari for helping me out! I can't wait to see more.

Lace baby wrap green mohair tafari 002

I'm sure Madison's mama is one happy lady today! The cuteness helps so much with the sleep deprivation, doesn't it?!

If you live in the Detroit/Ypsilanti, Michigan area and are in need of the best photographer around, be sure to check out Tafari Stevenson-Howard. He does all different types of photos (weddings, newborns, products, head shots, etc.) and is a pleasure to work with.

Samples and hopeful for hummingbirds

I carded some batts the other day and started spinning one. I spun about half of one and thought the yarn was thinner than I wanted it so I stopped. Then I saw some yarn I had on a bobbin, leftover from a 2-ply I did recently.

I plied them together and I'm oh-so-happy with it. Will have to dye some wool for the purple strand and make a whole yarn out of it. This pic is a little more blue than the actual yarn, but no time to fiddle with it today.

today i'm making a sample yarn

Instead we're going to finally (finally!) make some hummingbird food and hang the feeder in the backyard. Sounds like an excellent afternoon project to me.


I'm working on a few changes here, trying to get everything together in a more together sort of way. Soonish, will become my landing page & the blog will have a different address. It won't happen tomorrow, but it'll happen soon.

To celebrate, I'll have a giveaway. Maybe just on the newsletter, maybe not. Haven't decided yet. 

And how are you? Good? If you're kind enough to leave me a comment today, I'll swing by and see what's going on with you on your blog. I've always enjoyed emailing people back when they leave me comments, but lately that hasn't been possible. Hours in the day and all that (though of course I read them! And I love them!). And I haven't been reading a lot of blogs either. I miss both those things.

And my backyard is full of weeds. Most of them aren't this pretty, but this one is.

a weed 128

So that's my story, Morning Glory. Now I'm off to take pictures and dye some wool...

WIP: Kina

I saw this cute pattern for a girl's short-sleeved cardigan a few months ago and have wanted to knit it ever since, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen it. So yesterday I went to my favorite LYS with high hopes that maybe they'd know what I was talking about.

Well, of course "a really cute short-sleeved cardigan pattern" really doesn't narrow it down much, so Ruth at Main Street Yarns & Fibers was kind enough to let me use her computer, and after a while I remembered the chain that led me to the pattern in the first place and I found it! The pattern is called Kina, it's from Kids Tricot, and I found it at Magpie Patterns.


So Ruth helped me pick the softest Pima cotton yarn in the prettiest dark plum, got some needles, and now I'm well on my way to knitting my first cardi! So far, it's been very simple, though I haven't made it to the sleeves yet. Once I'm past those, it'll be smooth sailing I'm sure. To me, this cardigan looks French and so pleasantly retro, all in one sweater.

If this goes well, I've got my eye on Malia and Liliha. And maybe another Kina in handspun. With long sleeves?

Gosh, I've missed knitting!