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I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!

Look what you done for me

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Yesterday morning, V was painting with her new watercolors. She pretty much used all her pink in one day, she was that excited to have it. She told me that she was going to start making paintings to sell on Etsy. Then she would make enough money that Daddy and I could work less and hug more.

Last night at dinner, one of my favorite songs came on. V says, "Oh yeah, that's my jam, baby!"

On Monday we went to the post office. The guy behind the counter saw V's drawn-on cat nose and whiskers and stated that it looked like I brought my kitty cat with me. V told him that this must be a post office that allows cats because they let her in and that she is a newborn kitten so she is very small.

My sweet baby girl. Look what you done for me - you set my heart free.


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Sosae Caetano

That just melts my heart... Thanks for sharing, Maya. :)


So sweet!


Hahaha, what a sweetie pie! I love the 'that's my jam baby,' tee hee...and my girls are forevah trying to get me to list their crafts on Etsy! I actually put a couple of my oldest daughters pot holders on and they sold! I'm thinking when they get a bit older, I may let them open their own shop if they are still interested, what fun!

Jamie :)


Awww! And as usual, such a perfect portrait--everything expressed through her mouth, nose and little shrugging posture. :)


I just love how sweet and innocent little ones are! Even though Stormy is just a year old, she always finds a way to brighten my day and make everything worth while! I have a feeling she may be just like V with the cat whiskers! she LOVES out kitty Luigi! she just doesnt understand why other kitties wont let her pull their hair and tails like he does :)
That is such a sweet photo of V...then again, they all are!


What a doll! Love her butterfly tattoo, too :)


So sweet.
Thank you for sharing these V moments.

Jude Cowell

Yes, thank you, Maya!


so very sweet! you and V are.


Awwww. What a wonder. So adorable.


Oh, Maya, having a daughter is so wonderful, isn't it?! (Son's are great, too!)



Christina Bieloh

I love reading about V. I also enjoy reading about your thoughts on her "unschooling", as I have a 2.5 year old - and I am struggling with the same issues. Thanks for sharing!

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