And she didn't even get the mud on her white shirt
Look what you done for me

Loop love

I ordered this batt from Loop in April. Isn't it luscious? It's a pillow of lush.

Rustic spontaneous spinning batt from Loop 001

If I could make batts like this, I'm not sure I'd do anything else. Steph has a  mini-mill carding machine that can work all sorts of wonders.  Before this is all over, I'd love to visit her and see it in action.

Rustic spontaneous spinning batt from Loop 002

I'm going to spin it and make something for myself with it. And I never do that. I might have to spin/knit it at night, lest some sneaky 4-year-old give me her pitiful face until I decide to make something for her instead. She does that sometimes.

Rustic spontaneous spinning batt from Loop 003

It is unbelievably soft. Truly. You wouldn't believe it. I think I'm going to just keep it as it is for a little while - maybe snuggle with it on the sofa while I watch TV or something.

Yeah, I'm weird like that.


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Sosae Caetano

I totally hear you - some fiber creations are so lovely, I think they've attained perfection just as they are. :) This is a gorgeous batt!


So pretty!


oh i don't think that's weird at all! clearly it's begging to be snuggled with!

Mousy Brown

Beautiful! I have batt envy :D


That batt is a beauty. And a keeper. I just order a spinning cloud from Loop and mostly I have been fondling it and dreaming. That Steph does amazing work.

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