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Oh baby!

Samples and hopeful for hummingbirds

I carded some batts the other day and started spinning one. I spun about half of one and thought the yarn was thinner than I wanted it so I stopped. Then I saw some yarn I had on a bobbin, leftover from a 2-ply I did recently.

I plied them together and I'm oh-so-happy with it. Will have to dye some wool for the purple strand and make a whole yarn out of it. This pic is a little more blue than the actual yarn, but no time to fiddle with it today.

today i'm making a sample yarn

Instead we're going to finally (finally!) make some hummingbird food and hang the feeder in the backyard. Sounds like an excellent afternoon project to me.


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Lovely! Good luck with your hummers!


That's pretty yarn.

We have a mama hummingbird sitting on her nest at the back door. They come back to the same nest every year.


well what a pretty happenstance!

hope you'll post about making the hummingbird food too!

Sosae Caetano

Beautiful! You have a light and talented hand...


I love hummingbird season!

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