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WIP: Kina

I saw this cute pattern for a girl's short-sleeved cardigan a few months ago and have wanted to knit it ever since, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen it. So yesterday I went to my favorite LYS with high hopes that maybe they'd know what I was talking about.

Well, of course "a really cute short-sleeved cardigan pattern" really doesn't narrow it down much, so Ruth at Main Street Yarns & Fibers was kind enough to let me use her computer, and after a while I remembered the chain that led me to the pattern in the first place and I found it! The pattern is called Kina, it's from Kids Tricot, and I found it at Magpie Patterns.


So Ruth helped me pick the softest Pima cotton yarn in the prettiest dark plum, got some needles, and now I'm well on my way to knitting my first cardi! So far, it's been very simple, though I haven't made it to the sleeves yet. Once I'm past those, it'll be smooth sailing I'm sure. To me, this cardigan looks French and so pleasantly retro, all in one sweater.

If this goes well, I've got my eye on Malia and Liliha. And maybe another Kina in handspun. With long sleeves?

Gosh, I've missed knitting!


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I followed your link to Magpie and looked at all the Kids Tricot patterns and fell in love! I like Kina, Liliha, and Poema...they're all cute! I like the color that you've chosen too.

I also want to let you know that I recently bought some VirtueNatural skincare (after reading about how you like it), and I love it! I have very sensitive/rashy skin, and Sosae's products have been a really good match for me. Thank you for the tip!


such a sweet pattern and LOVE the yarn color!
I may have to try it :)

rAchel.jones @Ontheround

really cute pattern! Seems like you're moving right along on it!

Jude Cowell

go Maya go! i love the color too.


That is going to be so cute!


oooh i love that color!
the sweater will be adorable!!


That's adorable! and I love the purple yarn!

spread your wings

such a rich purple - i know it's going to be beautiful on V.
i was in Watkinsville yesterday and thought of you.


ooh, it looks so lovely! love the purple!


That purple is luscious. some lucky girl is getting a new purple sweater! I love the new banner too.


LOVE that pattern! And the color is lovely. *sigh* If only I was a squee more crafty. I'd make that, for sure.


I just bought this beautiful pattern and will be knitting for the smallest size. However, I cannot figure out how, on the first increase row, 180 stitches are produced. When I do what is between the *, and do the K10 at the beginning and end of row, I get 140! Help please. I'm not sure if the pattern is wrong or just me (me, of course!). Some help from someone who has done this pattern would be greatly appreciated.

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