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Being Outside

This morning, V wanted to take some pictures outside with her little Fisher Price kid's camera. Here are some of her best shots - she wanted to call the series "Being Outside."

This is the neighbors' giant, gorgeous hydrangea bush. I love V's shadow.

Being Outside 001

Closer up of the blooms. So pretty.

Being Outside 003

Our mailbox - I think the flare is my favorite.

Being Outside2 025

Feet & rainbow dress!

Being Outside 040

A maple leaf V picked from our tree in the front yard and then put on the driveway so she could photograph it. That camera is hard to compose photos with, but I like how the tippy top is cut off.

Being Outside 015

Who knew a gutter could look so cool?

Being Outside 019

V is already lobbying for a better camera that holds more pictures. I know the feeling. Ha ha.


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rachel whetzel

Love those pictures!! My boys lucked out when I was in the process of upgrading cameras... they all got my MANY hand me downs. Each of them have a pretty nice camera to take photos with! lol


She's a natural.

Great shots!


yup, yup, me too v (on the better camera gear)
great photos!

Jude Cowell

Great snaps and journal - I love V's Being Outside!


V takes after her Mama!


Wow, I am impressed.


Like mother, like daughter! :) Nice photos!

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