Tellus Science Museum
Her first real project

Out knitting

After we went to the science museum we went out to dinner. This pretty was in the parking lot.

flowers 169

I brought my knitting inside - I'm still working on V's Kina sweater. One of the reasons it's taking me so long is because I had to start over three times.

knitting in public 173

The instructions are wrong for the increases which, lucky for me, come near the beginning. I figured out what I needed to do to get the correct number of stitches (I did the first set of increases twice and then the second set of increases).  I'm down past the sleeves so it should be smooth sailing from here, I just don't get to knit that often. Other than that, this pattern (rav link) has been a piece of cake and I would suggest it to anyone wanting to knit a first cardigan. Should be super cute!

But I'm trying to see if I can move some things around and to get some more knitting time - especially with my own yarn. Last week I dyed up some wool for a skein of Honeycomb and it didn't quite turn out how I like it, so I think I'm going to spin and knit it myself. I'm excited!

What sort of crafty things have you been up to this summer (all two days of it)? Anything I should know about?


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Hi Maya!
I just tagged you in my blog post. :)

Kristi aka FiberFool

I'd love to share what I've been up to, but I can't :-( Darn secret projects make it hard to blog. That cardigan is adorable and it is going to look great on V!


Gorgeous shot of the flower and it looks like it's down hill on finishing the sweater. Crafty for me, if you can call it crafty, is creating a few art glass pieces and starting on creating some glass inserts for my trellises in my back yard. Hope you've been well!


that yarn is such a lovely color.... it's going to look fabulous when you've completed the sweater!
and good for your for figuring out the issue with the increases!

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